EVER been cheated on? Then you'll know just how tempting it is to throw all their possessions out the window and publicly shame them on social media.

But while we've never had the nerve to follow through on these threats, one scorned girlfriend has taken matters to new extremes.

After learning her boyfriend was having an affair with a married woman, the anonymous woman decided to completely trash his car earlier this week.

As well as spray-painting the word "d**k" across the side, the woman also revealed his affair and wrote: "I'm f**king Paul's wife."

And just so there wasn't any question about who did it, the woman signed off her handiwork with: "My girlfriend did this."

The man's trashed red Citroen C2 was pictured in North London yesterday – and the graffiti left his neighbours stunned.

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In a now-deleted Facebook post, a local shared photos of the trashed car which racked up hundreds of "likes".

One user replied: "After a s***e day at work, I’d like to thank the wife of Paul for being so accommodating and to the girlfriend for her fantastic penmanship on the car, it gave me a much needed belly laugh."

Another added: "The only ending I can accept is the girlfriend and Paul finding true love together."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "Best leave him, love. It’s only a Citroen…"

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