A BLING mum-of-two has given fans a tour of her two-year-old daughter’s glamorous room. 

Vera Sidika, who is married to Brown Mauzo, is mum to daughter Asia and newborn son Ice and often uses her social media to share insights into their lives together. 

The two kids even have their own Instagram accounts, which their mum manages, where they post everything from birthday snaps to incredible gifts they’ve been given. 

From the diamonds she bought her little princess to the mini car Asia received as a birthday gift – Vera does it all for her little ones.

Updating people on Asia’s life, Vera took to her YouTube account to give a room tour of her daughter’s Barbie-pink space. 

Panning the camera across the room, viewers could see a unicorn statue attached to the while, with similar toys gathered together on a chest of drawers.

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Asian’s bed had an arch to it with a soft, plush exterior, pink bed sheets, a unicorn-themed pillow and a baby doll inside too. 

Very confessed the bed, which cost around £1,800, had been shipped over from UK bran Bambizi. In total, it had cost her around £3,000. 

Her mum had placed a gold sign that read out her name above the bed and her wardrobe could be seen to the right of this. 

In the open-plan wardrobe, she had blue, yellow and pink tulle outfits hanging as well as a Louis Vuitton and Chanel bag underneath.

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“She has lots of dresses,” she shared. “They’re too puffy so I can’t put everything on the shelf.” 

She had rows of little ballerina shoes, too, ensuring she always had the perfect outfit planned out for the day. 

Not to mention the various hair accessories she had stacked in there, including bows, hair ties and a Gucci item too. 

Across from her bed, Vera had placed pentagonal shaped frames with unicorns inside. The middle one had writing on it that read: “Dreams come true”.

“I did the decor myself,” she told viewers, adding that she chose pink over white for her little girl’s room as she’s a little princess.

Vera has previously spoken to Fabulous about how she’s raising her little girl, explaining that she’s already made Asia the CEO of her own company. 

“She’s going to be a millionaire by the time she is five,” she insisted.

Asia was born in September 2021 and within twenty-four hours the infant star had amassed a staggering 25 thousand followers on her Instagram page.

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