BOILED eggs for breakfast and cute yellow fluffy chick decorations adorning the tables – it turns out that's all you need for an Easter fit for royalty.

The Queen may have been forced to pull out of yesterday's Maundy Day church service, however that's not to say the whole Royal Family won't rally round.

Yesterday, The Sun revealed that even Prince Harry and Meghan jetted into the UK for a secret face-to-face meeting with the monarch.

It comes as Her Majesty prepares for her first Easter without her beloved husband Prince Philip, who died a year ago.

Here royal biographer Ingrid Seward shares her insights into the Firm's Easter traditions, and how she expects they'll mark it this year.

Church tradition

The Queen usually travels to Windsor Castle on Good Friday – however this year she'll already be there – in time for the Easter Sunday Service.


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However, sources claimed yesterday she has pulled out of the special Easter Mattins Service at St. George's Chapel.

Ingrid says: "On Easter Sunday, the Queen and other members of the royal family typically spend the day at Windsor Castle.

"She would always attend the Easter Sunday service at St George’s Chapel."

Ingrid says she had strong doubts the Queen would be able to make it this year – suggesting she may have been driven down the hill and dropped at the side door rather than taking part in the traditional walk with other royals.

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"If she’s immobile it will be hard for her but she does also have her own private chapel so will still be able to worship," Ingrid adds.

Family will rally round

In the Queen's absence from church, the rest of the family are likely to rally round to represent – and show their support.

Ingrid says: "This will be a very important Easter to them all as it's the first without Philip, so I think we will see a big contingency of family and they will all go to church, and people love to see that.

"The whole immediate family will come together there, certainly traditionally it would be as many as possible.

Zara and Mike and the kids, and Beatrice and Eugenie if they're around – presumably Andrew will be there as he's always popping in and out

"For this Easter, I think Charles and Camilla will be there some of the time. Kate and William and the kids will be there for a gathering too, in order to keep up the tradition.

"Zara and Mike and the kids, and Beatrice and Eugenie if they're around – presumably Andrew will be there as he's always popping in and out.

"Many won’t have seen the Queen much [recently], so it will be an opportunity to support her."

Boiled eggs and little gifts

The Duchess of Cambridge previously revealed in 2016 that the Queen "always leaves a little gift or something in [the children's] room when we go and stay".

And Easter is also a time for presents – albeit small, token gifts – and it's not all as extravagant as you might think.

Ingrid reveals: "They always have boiled eggs on Easter Sunday, and don't have a fancy breakfast like they do on other mornings with fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, kedgeree and salmon.

"They don't have all that – it’s tradition, with toast, and honey.

"Then they exchange little gifts afterwards – tiny things like small, enamel boxes."

In relation to whether there would be an Easter egg hunt, Ingrid says: "The Queen wouldn't be able to do that herself, but staff could, of course. I know Kate and William do when they're at home."

Yellow chick dinner decorations

Ingrid says the royals will have a traditional Sunday lunch – and the Queen always has beef or lamb.

"I imagine it would be lamb, obviously, for Easter," she explains.

"The table would be decorated with those fluffy little yellow Easter chicks, and little silver-wrapped Easter eggs.

After Easter, the Queen used to fly to Norfolk with Philip as soon as the weekend was over as she loves to go there to see the foals who’d be born around this time

"Nothing garish, just beautifully wrapped and ornate.

"After Easter, the Queen used to fly to Norfolk with Philip as soon as the weekend was over as she loves to go there to see the foals who’d be born around this time."

This year it's expected the Queen will remain at Windsor Castle, where she's now based.

'One less pressure'

It was the first year the Queen, who has been experiencing mobility issues, missed the annual Maundy Day event yesterday.

She was represented by Prince Charles and Camilla at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Ingrid tells The Sun: "What used to happen was the Queen would distribute the Maundy money – special commemorative coins – at different churches around the country.

"It is given to people who worked hard for the church and aided the local community or church in a significant way.

"Last time it happened was at St George's Chapel in 2019.

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"The Queen didn’t want to make anyone disappointed which is why she pulled out earlier – she knew as long as they were aware it was her son and heir doing it [instead], they wouldn't be disappointed.

"It's one less pressure."

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