A TIKTOK elegance coach has revealed the top table manner mistakes you should avoid.

Coming across as a person with class and allure is all about making sure you follow the right rules.

TikToker and elegance coach Obehi Okoawo posted a video highlighting basic rules to follow if you want to look elegant at a dining table.

Known as the Image Boss, Obehi shared her secrets.

"It's inappropriate for an elegant lady to use her phone at the dining table," she explained.

"Your phone is not part of the place setting."

Instead, Obehi suggested putting the phone in a bag and placing the bag behind you.

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Secondly, the elegance coach reminded viewers elbows on the dinner table are a big no-no.

"Relax your hands on your lap," she recommended.

Earlier this month, an an elegance coach shared 10 tip to look classy on a budget.

The first tip she brought to the table is making sure you embrace the classics.

Embracing the classics means finding inspiration from fashionable icons who keep up with undeniable trends.

Level Blue's second tip is to make sure your eyebrows are properly shaped.

Having messy, untrimmed eyebrows can potentially make it look like you’re not putting your best foot forward.

Next, Level Blue said you should cinch in your waist with a belt.

Wearing a belt around your waist is one of the classiest accessories you can depend on.

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After that, she said to skip out on casual clothing that you see most people wearing on a regular basis.

That means avoiding plain white T-shirts and boring blue jeans if you can help it.

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