A VET has shared the dog breeds she would never own and why.

Posting to TikTok Dr Whitney Terrell says that there are a number of dog breeds that she would never own, in part due to her being a veterinarian and her experiences with these different breeds, while some are just personal taste.

Chinese Crested and other hairless breeds

The first breed Whitney says she wouldn’t own is the Chinese Crested, adding that she just doesn’t like hairless animals.

“They’re zitty, they’re greasy,” says Whitney, “the same with cats, they kinda feel like a ball sack. It’s a no from me.”


Referring to them as ankle-biters, this vet says that Chihuahuas are not her cup of tea.

“Afraid I’m gonna get stepped on, more than likely be bit if I have one, they’re usually a one person dog,” she adds.

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She says that there are a few Chihuahuas who come to the surgery she works at that are nice, but the vast majority of this breed are aggressive ankle-biters.

Brachycephalic breeds (Pugs, Shi Tzus, Boston Terriers, etc)

“Some are really cute, but they can’t breathe. Literally they cannot breathe” says Whitney.

“They snore, I’ve already got a husband that snores, I don’t need anything else that snores.”

She adds that these dog breeds commonly suffer from dermatitis, have a lot of allergies and are yeasty, smelly and gassy.

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German Shepherd and Belgian Malinos

These have the potential to be really great pets, but Whitney says that they can require a lot of training, which she wouldn’t have the time to do due to her job.

She adds that “95% of the ones we see in clinics want to bite your face off because they’re not properly trained.”

If you plan to get one of these dogs, she says that you should not make the decision lightly and should be sure you have the time to train and take care of them.


Whitney says that in her experience these dogs are quite hyperactive and can’t sit still for two seconds before needing to run around again.

She adds that this breed can also reguaral ear infections, so can cost quite a bit in vet bills, and on top of this they’re also super expensive to have groomed.

“Just too high maintenance for me, I’d rather have a hound dog,” she finishes.

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