CLEANING the inside of your microwave is a rather important task that should not be forgotten when it comes to deep cleaning your kitchen.

Now one cleaning whizz has shared her method for getting your microwave looking good as new, all by using just two ingredients that you likely already have in your cupboards.

Posting to TikTok cleaning guru Karen Shields, known as @realkarencontent to her 63K followers, has shared her top tips for getting your microwave sparkling clean.

First, Karen puts the glass turntable plate in the dishwasher before moving on to clean any food stuck to the inside of the microwave.

Then she gets a cup of water, a cup of white vinegar and a lemon. Mixing the water and vinegar together in a bowl, she squeezes the lemon juice, adding this to the mix too.

This mixture then goes into the microwave  on a high setting for about seven minutes, or until you can see the microwave getting steamy and foggy.


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Carefully remove the bowl, using either oven gloves or a tea towel as it will be quite hot.

Then just get some kitchen roll and wipe the sides of the microwave, and thanks to the vinegar and lemon juice anything that’s stuck will easily come away.

Once your dishwasher cycle is finished, just place the glass turntable plate back into the microwave, and you’ll be ready to go.

Other social media users have posted their own simple cleaning tips and tricks that will have your home looking amazing in no time at all.

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A number of Mrs Hinch fans took to Facebook to share their £1 discovery that removes limescale from shower doors in mere seconds.

The crew of keen cleaners all suggest the £1 squeegee from Tesco, which gets the job done quickly and simply.

And one TikToker shared how to remove mould from a washing machine, and how to prevent it from returning.

TikToker Pashy says that mould can form if you leave water inside after finishing your wash.

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To remove it she starts by spraying the seal with white vinegar and adds some basic table salt and a squeeze of lemon.

She then takes the lemon and rubs it over the seal to scrub away the mould.

To get a better clean, Pashy added washing up liquid and used a dish sponge to clean off the more stubborn stains.

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She then takes the lemon she used previously and wipes down the drum of the machine with it.

To finish, Pashy puts the washing machine on a quick wash to rinse the cleaning products and mould away.

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