A WOMAN who works out regularly and looks after her body has revealed she’s just 5’1’’ and weighs 185 pounds. 

Taking part in a viral TikTok trend where women show what “a 110 to 190 pound body looks like”, Maya (@iamavidity) showed off her own physique. 

The raven-haired beauty walked into the middle of a gym and took off her T-shirt for viewers to see her small waist and strong legs. 

Wearing a black crop top with a pair of grey leggings and black Adidas-branded socks, she turned around as writing on the screen revealed she’s 5’1’’ and weighs 185 pounds. 

She then lifted her arms up before turning around to show off her backside as she wrote in the caption: “Ladies the scale means nothing as long as you are healthy and happy. 

“Please don’t let your weight dictate your sense of self.” 


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Some were left unimpressed with her mindset when it comes to how she views the body as one person cruelly called her “heavy” while another said she’s “stacked love”. 

And another said that she must be “way more than 190”, but Maya quickly hit back as she wrote: “Nope 185 solid”.

But others praised Maya and loved how open she was about breaking stigmas around weight and health. 

One person said: “Sister here is giving good advice that some girls need to hear. Looking good girl pure [fire]”. 

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“Umm where can I find a woman like that,” another quizzed – clearly enamoured by her. 

A third said: “You are Gorgeous,” [sic] as a fourth shared: “watch out now young lady keep up the good work,” with a hearts emoji. 

And a fifth added: “5,1 185 wow looks great on you!” [sic] 

Following this video, Maya has continued to try and encourage women to stop focusing on the scales and instead pay more attention to their health. 

In a second clip, she appeared to step off the scales as a voice over said: “That ain’t no problem, that ain’t not problem”. 

In the caption, she added: “[I] refuse to let a scale determine my worth.

“My only concern is am I healthy and happy?”

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