No matter what your summer plans may entail, a good pair of flip flops always comes in handy. Whether you need something easy to slip on before you go out in your yard or something to wear at the pool, a comfortable pair of sandals is a closet mainstay for a reason. And according to Amazon shoppers, Croc's Classic II Flip-Flops may just be "the most comfortable" pair you ever buy.

Made with Crocs's signature foam, the sandals have the same cushy feeling you'd expect from any pair of Crocs, but their thong-style straps make them lightweight and breezy, perfect for warm temperatures. They have a slight platform (just over an inch high) that offers more arch support than a totally flat shoe and comes in 14 colors, including vivid hues like lime green, lavender, and aqua.

Over 4,600 Amazon shoppers have given the gender-neutral shoe a five-star rating, with many reviewers complimenting their comfort. "The little nobbies on the footbed feel awesome, the arch is perfection, the cushioning like no other," wrote one. Another said they're the only flip-flops they'll buy.

The thick sole of the shoe keeps feet above the ground, which means they can be more protective than flatter flip-flops — at the beach, you're less likely to scald the bottoms of your feet on hot sand, one shopper pointed out. Others add that the thong style doesn't result in any discomfort between the toes, unlike other pairs. For their low price, Crocs flip-flops are also high quality and durable, according to customers. "They are supportive unlike 'dollar' flip flops and my last pair lasted me almost two summers," one wrote. 

Buy It! Crocs Classic II Flip Flops, $24.99–$36.49;

"I wear them all the time," another reviewer said. "They are extremely comfortable. Wearing them on a river, I can walk up and down with wet feet on a steep embankment with confidence. Your feet stay in the shoe, and you know they won't blow apart. They barely look worn after using them all summer."

With a price around $25 for most styles, these Crocs flip-flops are a budget-friendly element of a versatile summer wardrobe. 

Buy It! Crocs Classic II Flip Flops, $24.99–$36.49;

Buy It! Crocs Classic II Flip Flops, $24.99–$36.49;

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