A WOMAN has shared the motivation that she received to fuel her glow up.

She said that hate comments and trolls inspired her to become the woman she is today.

Therese O'Callaghan (@thereseoca) shared the uplifting video with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

Trolls called her endless names when she was bigger: "Fatty," said one.

"Thunder thighs, the chubby one, you'd be hot if you lost weight, pretty for a fat girl," said others.

The influencer used the hate as fuel for her transformation as she hit the gym and the trails for runs.

"Words hurt! My entire life I was subject to people's bulls*** opinions of my body!" she said.

"Too fat, pretty face but my body didn't match, the chubby one, thunder thighs even to a point of being told my ‘weight’ made me unlovable!

Despite the onslaught of hate, she used the negative treatment as inspiration: "I use these words to fuel me, to motivate me, help me become the woman I am today!" she said.

"A reminder that other people's words do not have to become you! That's just them putting their own insecurities onto you," she added.

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People were inspired by her message: "This transformation is everything," said one commenter.

"Gorgeous before and gorgeous now," said another.

"You're glowing girl," said a third.

"Absolutely beautiful, either way," said a fourth.

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