• Keanu Reeves, once again, is beloved by all.
John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum hits theaters today.
• Hop aboard the Keanu train, because there’s no stopping it right now.

It’s happened. It’s been slow, no doubt—at a measured, meticulous pace, so that we may not have even noticed, but, folks, let me state once again: It. Has. Happened.

Keanu Reeves is a f—-ing A-lister again.

Twenty years after The Matrix changed the trajectory for sci-fi movies forever, Keanu Reeves is celebrating the release of the third chapter of a different franchise—John Wick—that might end up defining his legacy. At 54, this is Keanu’s fourth wind. Fourth! Count with me: we’ve got Bill and Ted Keanu. We’ve got Speed Keanu. We’ve got Matrix Keanu, and while the book on John Wick Keanu may have opened back in 2013, we’re just now getting to the best part.

The craziest thing about this Keanu-ssance is that unlike past Keanu peaks, it seems unaffected by any potential outside blunders. Where Matrix Keanu had his luster damaged by the not-so-well-received sequels, and mid-2000s comeback attempts Constantine and The Day The Earth Stood Still never really took off, John Wick Keanu just brushes off potential dents and continues to crush everything in his path.

Did you know that Keanu starred in what was essentially a direct-to-streaming dramedy with Winona Ryder called Destination Wedding last year? I bet not. (Though, that one is kind of worth reading about—Keanu and Winona were accidentally married in 1992 and still are?!?!) Did you know that only a few months ago Keanu starred in a movie called Replicas, a ridiculous thriller about CLONES that scored a hearty 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes? I’m sure you don’t! But guess what—it doesn’t matter.

We’ve reached the point—the crux—of the Keanu-ssance. His fourth wind has made him invincible. The John Wick of it all has proven strong enough to fight all else off. I guess insane single-shot hyper-stylized gunfights will do that.

We aren’t thinking about the clone movie that one critic said “does not so much end as it stops,” we’re thinking about his viral answer to a seemingly impossible question. We aren’t thinking about Keanu’s massive flop 47 Ronin that came out in the same year as the first John Wick; We’re thinking about his surprise appearance in the latest buzzy Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe, which drops May 31, and earned him a trending spot after a slo-mo walkup for the trailer’s kicker.

Do you even need to know that Keanu is voicing something called “Duke Caboom” in freaking Toy Story 4? Again, allow me to reiterate: Keanu Reeves is voicing a character called DUKE CABOOM.

Nothing can derail the Keanu-ssance. Not even clones.

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