Now that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are both single, the internet has inevitably decided that they’re about to get back together. Especially since The Sun dropped a report over the weekend that they’re leaning on each other amid their respective breakups with Olivia Wilde and Devin Booker. Ahem, as a source put it:

So…are these two more than friends? According to an insider who spoke to E! News in the wake of that ^ report, not so much.

“She and Harry are just good friends,” an insider told the outlet. “They remained friendly over the years and have kept in touch. There’s nothing romantic going on, but they do catch up from time to time and have hung out in social settings.”

Oh, and another person ~in the know~ confirmed that they’re “not rekindling at this moment.”

I mean “at this moment” kinda leaves the door partially open? Especially since The Sun’s source said that “Their friends speculate that they might hang out over the holidays. In the past they have gone away together shortly after respective break-ups, so they could very well end up on a yacht soaking up the sun in the next couple of months.”

Welp. Guess there’s nothing to do but this:

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