On Wednesday, Nick Cordero‘s wife shared some difficult news.

As you’re likely aware, the Broadway star has been battling coronavirus in the ICU for nearly two months now, and has gone through a series of ups and downs on his journey. His wife Amanda Kloots has been keeping fans and friends up to speed via social media throughout the good and the bad.

Sadly, on Wednesday, she didn’t have the best of news as she told followers via Instagram:

“Nick has had a bad morning. Unfortunately, things are going a little downhill at the moment.”

Visibly distraught, Kloots added:

“I am asking again for all the prayers, mega prayers, right now. I’m not going to be able to live at 3 o’clock… please sing, please cheer, and please pray for Nick today. I know that this virus is not going to get him down. This is not how his story ends. So just keep us in your thoughts and prayers, thank you.”

This comes after more positive updates from Amanda over the past few weeks, with Nick obeying commands and officially waking up from his coma. Though she didn’t elaborate much regarding what exactly going “downhill” means for her husband, the momma did recently explain his mental state is “looking good.”

“His mental status is looking good. He’s getting better and better every day. A little stronger every day, so things are really looking great on that front.”

She added at the time:

“But mental status: We are on good, good progress with mental status.”

We also reported previously how Miz Kloots shared that Nick was making “good progress” following his tracheostomy procedure. Since being taken off sedation, he had begun opening his eyes at the time:

“The doctors say Nick is looking good. His settings on everything are getting better, so he says that there’s good progress. And now we just need him to wake up. His eyes are opening up but they’re not connected to anything right now. So we just need them to connect to something.”

The Tony Award nominee had his right leg amputated last month, and has also received a temporary pacemaker for his heart, all without his family by his side due to hospital restrictions.

Nick still has a tough road ahead and we are all rooting for his recovery!

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