A security guard fatally gunned down a shoplifter at a Walgreens in San Francisco … and the entire violent encounter was captured on surveillance video.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins released the footage Monday to show why she declined to bring charges against Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony for killing Banko Brown at the store on April 27 in what Anthony says was self-defense.

The video starts off with Anthony blocking Brown — carrying a bag of alleged stolen items — from exiting the store. Anthony then goes after Brown, repeatedly punching him and placing him in a chokehold.

San Fransisco D.A.

At one point, Anthony lifts Brown off his feet and throws him to the floor, getting on top of him as the two thrash around. Finally, Anthony lets him up, prompting Brown to grab the bag of merchandise and start for the exit. At the door, Brown whirls around and appears to make a move at Anthony, who then pulls a gun and opens fire, killing the alleged thief.

Anthony told cops that he ordered Brown to put back the goods he allegedly took, but Brown refused and became aggressive. He also told police that Brown threatened to stab him, although it was later determined that Brown did not have a knife. Anthony said he ultimately shot Brown after Brown turned around and was seemingly about to dash at him.

D.A. Jenkins clearly believed Anthony’s story of self-defense because she did not charge him with a crime and released the security footage, police reports and witness accounts to prove to the public that she made the correct decision.

But not everyone was convinced.

Shamann Walton, a member of the SF Board of Supervisors, issued a statement, calling Brown’s death an execution and questioning whether there was any perceived threat.

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