Another celeb was just unmaksed on The Masked Singer!

After the Llama and Robot were revealed in the previous weeks, Miss Monster was the next one on the chopping block on the show.

Six out of the 18 contestants were introduced in the premiere episode and we’ve been only watching these six for the first three episodes.

The next group of six will be featured in the following three episodes and the final group in the following episodes. One singer will be eliminated in each of those episodes.

The remaining nine contestants will then meet in episode 10 and one contestant will be eliminated each week until the finale.

We have listed out all of the clues we received in the premiere episode and tried our best at guessing who the masked singers are, and revealed some, too. Spoilers for the unmasked singer are included!

Click through the slideshow for our guesses on this season’s Masked Singer contestants…

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