It looks like BlueBloods Season 10, Episode 14 (titled “Fog of War”), won’t be so greatfor Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray). It will be their first Valentine’sDay as a married couple, but we’re not so sure this day will be all about candyand roses. Here’s why Jamko might have a tough time this year.

Jamie is under fire because of Eddie’s partner

Things get complicated for Jamie and Eddie. During episode 14, Eddie’s partner, Officer James Addison (Justin Cunningham), accidentally shoots an undercover police officer. Consequently, the Internal Affairs Bureau accuses Jamie of failing to provide proper supervision. Frank gets involved after Addison considers leaving the police department. This conflict is sure to dampen the mood on Valentine’s Day.

Jamie and Eddie have faced trouble at work before

This isn’t the first time Jamie and Eddie faced a challenge atwork. There was the time when Jamie called IAB after Eddie’s partner is suspectedof planting evidence during a traffic stop. This caused friction between thembecause Jamie’s actions could have put Eddie’s job at risk. Another time thecouple clashed was when Jamie got involved after he suspected police officerswere sharing accident reports with a doctor so he could stay in business. Theother police officers started a rumor that Eddie was being a “rat,” as she putit, and telling Jamie about dishonest activity occurring within the precinct.

Work is starting to bleed into Jamie and Eddie’s personallife, and it’s is taking a toll on them. Many of their disagreements have beenabout work. The one time their quarreling wasn’t about work was during season10, episode 10 (titled “Bones to Pick”) when Eddie presents Jamie with a “honeydo” list. When Jamie explains to her what a honey-do list is, Eddie responds, “That’sa thing? I didn’t know that was a thing.”

Eddie is fearful about her future with Jamie

During one of their arguments, Eddie reveals she’s fearful about whether their relationship has staying power because no one in Jamie’s family is in a relationship. She points out they are the only couple in his family and that scares her. “Do you realize that we are the only couple in your entire family?” she asks Jamie. “Your dad, your grandpa, and your brother, they’re all widowers, and your sister is divorced,” she adds.

Eddie expressed to Jamie that she’s fearful because the people in is family are single and they all seem to be OK with that. She’s afraid Jamie might eventually decide he’s OK without her. However, Jamie allays her fears and says he won’t let that happen.

Lyle Lovett guest stars on ‘Blue Bloods’

One bright spot in this episode is a guest appearance by singer-songwriterLyle Lovett, who plays a Texas ranger named Waylon Gates. Danny and Baez teamup with Gates after they’re assigned a case to find the Lone Star Killer.

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