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Lizzo spent a not so merry week responding to people who angrily accused her of promoting “diet culture” after she posted a vulnerable video on Tik Tok about doing a 10-day cleanse to lose weight and get healthy. Despite this negativity, Lizzo decided to spread some merriment of her own for her mom for Christmas. Sunday, Lizzo posted her mother’s reaction to the brand new SUV that Lizzo bought her. Lizzo stated in her Instagram post that she had always wanted to provide for her family, especially after her father died. I think it is sweet that Lizzo took some of earnings to surprise her mother with a new Audi. You can see her Instagram post above!

This has got to be one of the sweetest moments I have seen this year. The way Lizzo’s mom squealed, teared up, and turned around to hug her was simply mother/daughter goals. I love these moments when celebrities acknowledge the sacrifices their parents made to help get them to where they are. Lizzo is a prime example of how Black children in particular strive to be a success so that they can buy their parents a home or new car. It’s like a running joke in the community. I am sure Lizzo’s mom is very proud of her and had no expectations of these sorts of gifts from her daughter’s success unlike other toxic celebrity parents like *cough* Thomas Markle and *cough* Sofia Laine.

I do hope Lizzo continues to take care of herself and ignore the naysayers. Lizzo must do what makes her happy. I am sure Lizzo’s mom will enjoy her very smooth ride in her new Audi SUV and spending time with her daughter during these uncertain times. It’s been a tough year for most of us in so many ways and this video of a daughter showing gratitude to her mother in such an unexpected and sweet way is a much needed balm. Lizzo’s video and her mom’s tearful reaction has reminded me of the things that I should be grateful for.

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