Kelly Osbourne has confirmed that her famous family's podcast WILL be returning – and that their show could too.

The star is back in the UK to host the British LGBT Awards 2019, which takes place tonight at the London Marriott hotel.

The 34-year-old sat down for an exclusive chat with Mirror Online, and shared the exciting news that reality show The Osbournes could be making a return too.

Kelly starred in the show alongside her famous family, dad Ozzy, mum Sharon and brother Jack, from 2002 to 2005.

And last year, they reunited for a 10-episode podcast series, that could soon be back on the airwaves.

"I do [think it will come back]," she told us of the podcast.

"I know they’re just trying to figure out dates when we’re all going to be in the same place so we can do it. That honestly is the hardest part about it. We didn’t know what we were doing and we had a real laugh and it was fun."

And Kelly told us the family's much-loved reality show could be making a return as well.

She said: "It wouldn’t come back the way that it was. We’ve been in talks over several years to do some sort of catch up to see where we are now and what’s changed in our lives and do a small, limited series.

"But never say never."

She added: "But we would never film it the way reality TV is filmed now, we would go back to the way we did it where it is what really happened. And you have cameras in your house 24/7 because we don’t do well scripted.

"[Reality TV is] really different now, it’s so produced. Everyone has hair and make up and there’s lighting. When you watch a conversation and you see them without a camera in the background and there’s a camera facing the other way it’s like, how are they getting these shots?

"But people who don’t understand how a show is made wouldn’t even think like that, they would just think it was a normal conversation. Now it’s like they’re acting as themselves in a movie about their life."

Kelly is thrilled about hosting the awards tonight, and says the LGBT+ community has always been where she's felt the most at home.

She's been an outspoken activist of the community.

She said: "I’m really excited because it was an honour to be asked to host an awards like this. The gay community is my favourite community. The LGBT+ community is always a place where I have felt the most safe, the most protected, but the most myself because you come as you are, you don’t have to pretend to be anyone’s other than yourself."

Kelly says she got involved in campaign work because she believes in "solidarity, equality and diversity" and that "no one has the right to tell you what gender you can be and who you can love".

On the people who don't believe in gay rights, she said: "It’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully grasp because to me it’s so ignorant and so small minded of people but unfortunately the masses are so ignorant and small minded to love, truth and beauty.

"[I'd say to them] Wake up, open your eyes, don’t judge what you don’t understand."

Kelly, who is dating model and skateboarder Jimmy Q, says she's thrilled to be back in the UK and that it'll always be her home no matter how long she lives in America.

As well as British treats like Jammie Dodgers and Twiglets, she confessed she misses the cold English weather, as "crazy" as that may sound.

While she's home, she's planning to visit her favourite restaurants and catch up with her school friends.

But after returning home, she'll be as busy as ever.

The actress and presenter also told us she may be getting back into music, and has had a lot of offers lately.

Kelly, who released her debut album Shut Up in 2002, said she "cringes" when she thinks about the music video, which she filmed at age 16.

But she said: "You know what I realised, when I was a kid I hated myself and didn’t think I was very cool and I was really insecure and I look back now and think, ‘Wow I was great’. I was a bit of a badass and really didn’t give a s**t. But now I’m like, ‘Oh I wouldn’t do that’. I’m scared of everything."

On the offers she's had to make new music, she said: "Possibly. I don’t know. I’ve had lots of offers recently but I really need to sit down and think about it."

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