Happy Memorial Day! Your boy’s here to keep you entertained and informed on the holiday! Let’s do this!

James Charles cancels his sisters tour but vows to hit the road in the future! We have a better idea for him!

Jeffree Star accused of new shadiness!!!

Jameela Jamil‘s new campaign against “fat phobia” and “slim privilege” seems… not very well thought it! That’s putting it mildly!

Miley Cyrus debuted three new songs over the weekend – and they’re painful! Sadly!

Moby apologizes to Natalie Portman – but he still wins in their war of words!

And more of today’s hottest headlines, including Taylor Swift, Meek Mill, Martin Scorcese‘s daughter and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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JAMES CHARLES cancels his tour:



MILEY CYRUS’ new songs:



MOBY says sorry to Natalie Portman:



MEEK MILL alleges racism against Cosmo hotel:


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