Earlier this week, Briana DeJesus scored a major victory over her longtime rival Kailyn Lowry.

Lowry had filed a defamation suit against DeJesus, and based on comments she made during the trial, Kail seemed to believe her case would be an easy win.

But things didn’t turn out that way.

On Monday, Kail’s suit was dismissed, and Bri promptly took to Instagram to revel in her victory.

That was the end of one chapter of this never-ending feud, but the bad blood between these two shows no signs of letting up.

In fact, Bri has been teeing off on Kail more than ever in the days since the suit was thrown out of court.

First, she revealed on Instagram that she would be sending Kail some gag presents via Amazon — namely, a clown suit and handheld mirror, so that Kail could dress up and then see herself in full Bozo mode.

That’s not very nice, obviously, but hey — if ya gotta bully someone by mail, we guess the least you can do is be funny about it.

Shortly thereafter, DeJesus announced that she wants Lowry to pay her legal fees from the suit, which apparently total $120,000.

Now, Bri is once again antagonizing Kail, this time by publicly commenting on something that must be a very sore subject for Kail.

As we’ve previously reported Lowry appears to be feuding with Leah Messer.

The beef comes as a major surprise, as the Teen Mom 2 co-stars were formerly close friends who regularly embarked on family vacations together.

But these days, Kail is no longer following Leah on social media, and fans believe that Lowry’s recent Instagram posts about disloya; narcissists were intended as subtle shade directed at Messer.

And now, Briana is taking full credit for the breakdown of this friendship.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, a Twitter user asked Bri point-blank if the reason for Kail is angry that she and Leah have become friendly.

“Leah liked one of my self growth posts and [Kail] got upset with her,” Briana wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

“[Kail] told Leah ‘we don’t need to be friends if she cherishes that friendship more’ but Leah said she’s grown and can be friends with whoever she wants.” 

The follower called Kail a “petty betty,” and amazingly, Bri actually defended her rival.

“Eh, I can see how u would say that butttttt– my best friends would never like her posts or even talk to her. So I can see why she’s upset,” DeJesus tweeted.

This jibes with what we’ve already heard about this unexpected feud.

“Kail unfollowing Leah comes down to Briana,” a sourcre close to the situation receltny told UK tabloid The Sun.

“Once Briana and Leah were on the Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Leah wasn’t mean to Briana, that didn’t sit well with Kail,” the insider continued.

“After the Family Reunion trip, Leah and Briana have stayed friendly and Briana frequently comments on Leah’s pics.”

The insider says Kail might have been cool with the co-stars making nice on Family Reunion, were it not for the fact that their friendship continued once the cameras stopped rolling.

“While Kail used to comment all the time on Leah’s pics, that seemed to stop once Briana began commenting and, as we’ve all seen, Kail now unfollowed Leah,” the insider said.

So we guess Bri has scored yet another victory in her ongoing war with Kail.

Sounds like Kail might want to arrange some sort of truce before this situation gets any worse!

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