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“It didn’t work out,” the brand wrote on Instagram explaining its decision.

All good things come to an end, and for The Ordinary’s range of concealers and foundations, that end is incredibly near. Announced on Instagram yesterday, the brand said that as of 30 January 2023, it would be discontinuing the production and sales of its Colours concealers, while its Colours foundation range would remain only until June 2023.

“It just didn’t work out,” the brand wrote. “The production process for Colours is complex and requires heavy input from many of our team. The accessible pricing that we felt was sensible to charge for the formulas would only cover our production costs if the volume we sold was high.”

Unfortunately, the brand didn’t manage to meet the required number of sales to justify the high production costs and, sadly, made the decision to shutter its make-up division. 

The news has been met with predictable sadness. “So disappointing!! I’ve been using the Serum foundation since it came out 😢,” commented one user on Instagram. 

“Really disappointed. The best foundation ever. Could you consider just a smaller range? Or at least giving us a chance to stock up – nothing available online! I am sure you have amazing products in the pipeline as you say, but unless they include a foundation, there will be a gap!” writes another.

The dismay comes as little surprise. The Ordinary foundations and concealers cover a wide shade offering and multiple undertone choices. They’re available in a range of formulas and are designed to be worn with your hardworking skincare underneath. It’s an impressive rap sheet.

However, it’s not a choice the brand made lightly. “Letting go of Colours has been a tough decision to take. Especially difficult since many of us here use and love the products. Our hearts said no, but our heads said yes, and so we will be saying goodbye to our Colours Concealers from January 30, 2023 on theordinary.com.

“Foundations will be with us a little longer – until June of next year. If you’re looking for coverage with a real skin finish, you may want to explore our Serum or Coverage Foundation (just don’t fall too in love).” Welp. 

If you’re feeling the loss, these serum foundations and serum skin tints are brilliant alternatives, as well as these full-coverage concealers.  

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