ROBERT Mugabe's wife Grace's fondness for lavish overseas shopping trips while ordinary Zimbabweans starved earned her the nickname "Gucci Grace".

With the news that her despot husband has died at the age of 95, here's what you need to know about her and what the future holds.


When did Grace Mugabe marry Robert?

Grace Mugabe had an affair with the married President when working as a secretary in his office.

Mugabe's first wife Sally died from kidney failure in 1992.

Four years later he married Grace in a ceremony attended by African leaders including Nelson Mandela.

The couple had two boys – Robert Jr, 25, and Chutunga, 21, – who have become "Playboys" flaunting their wealth and party exploits on social media.

South African-born Grace, 53, is also legendary for her ostentatious living.

So much so that's she been dubbed "Gucci Grace" for her shopping as millions of Zimbabweans live in poverty.

Grace recently sued a Lebanese gem dealer for failing to deliver a 100-carat diamond ring, worth more than £800,000.

And she's notorious for her temper.

She was accused of beating up model Gabriella Engels, 20, with an extension cord in Johannesburg, South Africa, in August.

The model was partying in an expensive hotel with her sons.

After being granted diplomatic immunity, Grace fled South Africa.

What will happen to her now?

Robert Mugabe's eventual ousting from power is widely believed to linked to his ambition for her to succeed him.

The sacking of current President Emmerson Mnangagwa from his position as vice-president appears to have been the final straw.

Many claim he was sacked to pave the way for Grace, who had strong support from the Zanu-PF party's youth wing.

The widely disliked Grace Mugabe eventually lost out in a power struggle with supporters of Mnangagwa, who was close to the military.

After the coup that overthrew him November 23, 2017, Mugabe and his wife were granted immunity from prosecution in Zimbabwe.

But last year South African prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for her arrest in connection with alleged assault on Ms Engels, the BBC reported.

She is also being investigated into claims she was involved the smuggling of ivory poached from Zimbabwe’s national parks.

According to The Times, she is alleged to have “spirited large consignments of ivory to China, the United Arab Emirates and the US among other destinations” before her husband was deposed as president.

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