‘Surreal’ moment Rolf Harris SANG a full song to Operation Yewtree detectives after they quizzed him over sexual abuse, new documentary reveals

  • Detective Sergeant Gary Pankhurst said he sang Sun Arise all the way through
  • The song was a track released by Harris in the 1960s, reaching No3 in charts

Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris sang a full song to stunned Operation Yewtree detectives as they quizzed him over his sex crimes.

The convicted paedophile’s antics will be revealed in the second episode of a new two-part ITVX documentary about him, which airs tomorrow. 

In the series Detective Sergeant Gary Pankhurst discusses the first exchanges he had with Harris, 93, in November 2012 during a voluntary interview under caution.

Detective Pankhurst said: ‘When we finished an interview, we’re sitting there and then he just breaks into singing Sun Arise.’

The unnamed detective working alongside him also said: ‘The whole song all the way through, to Gary and myself. It was massively surreal.

Rolf Harris leaves Southwark Crown Court as his niece Jenny Harris lifts her hand in front of cameras

The public face (left) of Harris was that of a family man, but in private (right) he was a secret sex offender

‘I can remember Gary and I looking at ourselves, kind of like, what do we do now?’

The song Sun Arise was a track released by Harris in the early 1960s and it reached number three in the UK charts. 

Harris, who the detectives described as not being ‘natural’ or ‘honest’, was later jailed for five years in 2014 for sexually assaulting four underage girls. 

Yesterday, it was revealed that the shamed entertainer told his ‘adopted son’ and music promoter how he wanted to have sex with two 14-year-old schoolgirls they had just driven by, according to the documentary. 

The 93-year-old was being taken back from the BBC at the height of his 90s fame when he lusted after the two children on the street. 

It was a world away from the wholesome persona he affected for television, which was beloved by millions across the UK.

Chris Brosnan, who has previously described himself as ‘like an adopted son’ to the Harris family, had been driving the star home.

Mr Brosnan, also a member of Harris’s band who performed rock covers and known as ‘Bear’, said: ‘I remember I was driving Rolf back from the BBC, and there were two schoolgirls in uniform walking along. I’m driving the car and Rolf out of the blue just says, “Jesus, couldn’t you just f*** the pair of them?”

Chris Brosnan, who has previously described himself as ‘like an adopted son’ to the Harris family, revealed the depraved remarks

‘Andwhen he said it, I mean, I’m driving along and he, and he said it and it was, it was shocking to hear him say it. And I looked at him, I said, “What?” And he said, “well, just look at ’em. Aren’t they just f***ing lovely?”

‘I’m driving a car, Rolf’s looking out of the window and he’s thinking about f***ing two 14-year-olds, two little girls.’

Speaking on the documentary Rolf Harris: Hiding In Plain Sight which airs on ITVX this Thursday, Mr Brosnan added: ‘So for me, the impact of that, and not only was I furious, I was, not only was I angry about it, I fully expressed the anger that I felt, and I pulled the car over and I said, “I can’t f***ing believe that you’ve just said what you’ve said.”

‘And he immediately went into, “I’m so sorry Bear, I shouldn’t have said that in front of you.”‘

The Rolf Harris Show, which ran from 1967 to 1971, helped propel Harris to huge UK fame

Over a decade on from his arrest, many of Harris’s accusers have waived their right to anonymity to reveal how his assaults impacted them

The clip is among two released by ITV ahead of the broadcast, the second is testimony from Australian TV producer Anita Jacoby.

She claims: ‘Rolf suddenly came in, walks straight over, said, I need a hug. And then he immediately grabbed me into a bear hug.

‘He pulled my whole body, including my, my lower body onto his groin, and pulled me right against his body. And I immediately recoiled and I pushed him away.

‘And I said, that’s not a hug, that’s a grope. And I looked at him, there was no remorse, no reaction, no apology.’ 

It comes just days after MailOnline told how a private ambulance was seen outside the riverside home of Harris, who has been ‘very sick’ with neck cancer since leaving prison.

He has been struggling to talk or eat and has been living as a near-recluse at his £5million home in Berkshire since he was freed from jail in 2017 for a string of sex offences.

His wife Alwen, 91, a jeweller and sculptor, is in a wheelchair because of Alzheimer’s disease but the couple, who married in 1958 and have one child, live together with the help of around the clock care.

A private ambulance was parked outside the property on Wednesday, leaving at around 6pm. MailOnline asked Harris’ spokesman to comment. 

Private investigator and author William Merritt told MailOnline he saw him in late 2022, and he was gravely ill. He said: ‘Rolf has been very sick. When I saw him he was able to speak to me. He was with it, but he was obviously unwell’.

Mr Merritt said Harris has had neck cancer and there have been serious concerns about his health, although he was ‘getting on with things’. Due to the cancer, Rolf is said to ‘gurgle’ when talking and is hard to understand.

His wife Alwen is also ‘very frail’, Mr Merritt added. 

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