A RUSSIAN teen who fell pregnant when she was 13 and claimed the father was a 10-year-old boy is expecting her second child.

Darya, who gained over a million followers on social media after she revealed the first pregnancy, shared a snap of a pregnancy test on Instagram.

The young mum, who is 15 now, captioned the picture of the test: "I'm shocked.

"Looks like I'm pregnant again. From Pasha?"

Darya told followers that she had travelled from her home in Siberia to visit her new boyfriend Pasha in Samara and that they slept together.

"Could it be pregnancy?

"We had protected sex, if this matters," she revealed to pals on social media.

She promised that she would take another test next week.

Darya gave birth to her first child, Emilia in August last year where she claimed her much younger boyfriend, Ivan, was the father.

Looks like I'm pregnant again

But during the pregnancy she confessed that the claim was not true, and said the pair made up the story as she was afraid to admit she had been raped by a 15-year-old boy.

A criminal investigation into the rape claims is still ongoing and it is believed that police have taken a DNA sample from Emilia.

She initially made headlines across the world after she revealed on national TV that she was made pregnant by 10-year-old Ivan.

Despite her age, Darya insisted on keeping her baby and now earns nearly £5,000 a month as an influencer on social media – 12 times the national average wage in her region of Krasnoyarsk.

Emilia – or Milya – is now seven months old and features regularly in her posts. 

“I have more money than ever,” she said. 

"I can afford absolutely everything for myself and my child.”

Darya has faced criticism from her teachers, who she says do not approve of her career and refused to let her return to school after the pregnancy because she had fallen too far behind.

She said the move had totally "ruined" her plans to finish her schooling and go on to get a good job.

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