A North Carolina cop is going viral for her brilliant response to a scam phone caller who claimed the law enforcement official was about to be hit with a slew of “serious” charges.

Capt. Ann Stephens, with the Apex Police Department, received a call this week from a man presenting himself as “Officer John Black,” who said he was calling about “serious allegations under [her] name.”

The man, who claimed he had Stephens’ “file” open in front of him, told the captain she had as many as 25 potential charges against her and asked for multiple pieces of personal information, such as her address, the last four digits of her social security number and details on her bank accounts.

For some of the prompts, Stephens made up false answers — for others, she flat out refused to comment.

The captain’s stubbornness clearly angered the scammer, who said a sheriff’s deputy would be coming to arrest her in relation to the “allegations,” including 25 fraudulent bank accounts opened with her social security number in order “to commit a fraud of more than $10 million.”

“Officer John Black” then tells Stephens the charges against her include money laundering, drug trafficking and “tax scams all over the USA.”

“I’m going to be charged with drug trafficking!?” the captain exclaims.

“Absolutely,” the mysterious man replies. “Because there is someone using your social security number. Did you share your social security number with anyone?”

“I certainly didn’t share it with a drug dealer,” Stephens responds. 

After Captain Stephens asked if she could speak with the man’s supervisor, he continued to press for more information on her bank accounts before he said he could transfer the call. She refused and was then briefly put on hold.

Eventually, a man named “Officer Jason Brown” took over the call and continued asking for personal details, specifically the number of bank accounts Stephens had in her name, threatening to suspend them all if she did not comply. 

“Don’t blame us if you lose any money,” the alleged supervising officer said. “We are trying to help you out over here.”

“I would like to know what the allegations are against me and what you’re going to take out a warrant for,” Stephens demanded.

“Right now there are two criminal charges against you,” the caller stated. “Number one, drug trafficking, and number two, money laundering.”

“Well that’s better than the 25 the first guy told me were out against me,” she joked. The contradiction caused the scammer to hang up the phone.

Stephens’s video has since gone viral, with over 283,000 views on Facebook, a number which keeps growing by the second.

Although the captain laughed and joked throughout the call about the ridiculous nature of the scam, she ended the video with a stark warning. 

“Don’t ever give out your information, don’t ever verify information,” she told viewers. “Even if they have it, that information can be found on the web about anywhere.”

“Don’t verify the last four digits of your social, your date of birth, bank account information, anything like that,” she continued. “Just hang up on ’em or have a little fun.” 

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