A MANIAC son has admitted to using a butter knife and his teeth to behead his own mum.

Despite the heinous crime, Terrelle Johnson, 30, may dismiss jail as state officials have ordered a psychological evaluation to determine if he is fit enough to stand trial.

Johnson has admitted to killing mother Sherry, 51, after her decapitated body was found in their back garden in Stone County, Mississippi.

He told local newspaper the Mississippi Sun-Herald: "I plead guilty. I done it."


Gruesome details of how Sherry’s body was defiled emerged shortly after she was killed, with Johnson due to be arraigned on a first-degree murder charge this week.

Using a butter knife, Johnson allegedly sliced his mother’s throat and then used his teeth and bare hands to remove her head.

Johnson also claimed he choked her unconscious first during a fight over credit cards.

I plead guilty. I done it

When cops arrived at the Johnson home June 6 — to conduct a welfare check on Sherry at the request of her two brothers and sister, who hadn’t heard from the 51-year-old since June 3 — they found her mutilated body in the garden.

Her head had been tossed over a fence.

Johnson — an Army vet who was expelled by the Department of Veterans Affairs after a prior arrest — confessed to everything.


His attorney Jim Davis told the Sun-Herald that an independent psychological evaluation has been undertaken, and the results have been forwarded to prosecutors.

Davis said the alleged killer has a history of mental illness and had been treated at facilities "numerous times" before his mum's killing.

Davis added: "Do you think a reasonable person would grant television interviews and start telling reporters…giving comments that are definitely not in their best interest?"

If Johnson is declared unfit to stand trial, he will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital, reported Sun-Herald.

Prosecutors will then be updated of his condition once every 60 days, and may decide to pursue a court case at a later date if his well-being improves.

Davis said that Johnson is currently being housed in the solitary confinement unit of the jail.

He said: "All the guards tell me he’s doing just fine, but I question that a little bit because he’s still in solitary confinement and they don’t want him around any other inmates."

Johnson reportedly bit off another inmate’s nose and lips while being held in Stone County Jail on a separate charge.

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