Pizza Rat has some culinary competition.

A man was spotted on a packed 2 train Wednesday hand-feeding a rodent during rush hour. That’s right, rat foodies have moved beyond the platform and into the subway.

“I was coming home from work around 7 p.m., and was shocked to see a man with a rat on his lap,” says Nate Millado, 39, of Greenpoint.

“He was casually feeding it Chinese takeout,” says the admitted rodent hater (who happens to be this reporter’s spouse). “It took everything in me not to squeal because I can’t [deal] with rats, but that probably would’ve been the equivalent of screaming ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded theater and caused pandemonium.”

Fellow passengers appeared nonplussed by the impromptu feeding session but “once we reached 34th Street, I got the hell out of there and switched cars,” Millado says. “Only in New York.”

After posting a short video clip of the incident to Facebook, he got a few requisite “yucks!” But some scolding commenters suggested Millado needed to just calm down.

“That’s a hooded rat; they are lovely pets, affectionate and intelligent,” Staten Island resident Sarah Yuster commented. “I thought it was a subway rat when I first read the post. On the other hand, it still isn’t a good idea to be feeding an animal on a train.”

NYC commuters are accustomed to celebrity rat sightings. In addition to Pizza Rat, who went viral in 2015, there were flashes of web fame for “pretzel rat” and “avocado rat” in 2017.

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