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Looking good, Tessica!

Tessica Brown was spotted showing off her newly freed locks in Los Angeles this week, a day after she had surgery to remove Gorilla Glue spray from her hair.

Photogs snapped Brown looking refreshed and sporting a short hairstyle as she took a stroll in the sunny weather Thursday, before heading home to Louisiana.

“It just tingles a little bit, but it’s getting better and everything,” she told TMZ cameras at LAX Friday, noting she has to wait six weeks until she can restyle her hair. She is planning “something really long,” she said.

Brown went viral when she put out a public cry for help removing the glue that matted her hair to her scalp for an entire month.

She ended up cutting off her ponytail in an attempt to relieve her discomfort and sought treatment at a hospital, to no avail.

Her ordeal finally ended this week when a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offered to surgically remove the glue free of charge.

Brown’s experience has inspired a disturbing new “Gorilla Glue challenge” that reportedly sent one man to the hospital after he glued a plastic cup to his lip in a video recorded for social media. Brown is not amused.

“It’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. Don’t do it. Don’t do it at all. Period,” she told TMZ of the challenge.

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