EXCLUSIVE Nella Rose’s ‘complete change’ of heart towards Fred Sirieix ‘looks like producers have warned she risks becoming a hate figure’, claims ex-campmate Duncan Bannatyne

Nella Rose’s decision to make sudden peace with Fred Sirieix may be because somebody at ITV has warned her she risked becoming a ‘hate figure’ back home, former campmate Duncan Bannatyne told MailOnline today.

The London influencer, 26, has been criticised for some of her behaviour on I’m a Celebrity, including towards other campmates such as Mr Sirieix and Nigel Farage.

Mr Bannatyne, who spent 21 days on Ant and Dec’s hit show in 2015, told MailOnline today that he believes ITV producers have ‘taken her to one side’ and ‘educated her about her behaviour’. He also believes she could still win it as a result.

Nella had a row with Fred on Tuesday night when he said he was old enough to be her father. The influencer then told Nigel Farage on Wednesday night that black people didn’t like him. But last night she and Fred have become friends again after a trial.

Mr Bannatyne told MailOnline: ‘It looks like Nella has been taken to one side by the producers. I watched it last night and she has completely changed, now being over friendly with Fred. Good luck to her, at least she learned something’. 

He said this week that she needed to be ‘taught a bit about the facts of life for her own good before she becomes a hate figure’.

Duncan Bannatyne told MailOnline today that Nella Rose’s decision to make peace with Fred Sirieix after a row with Nigel Farage too (right) may be because somebody at ITV has warned her she could become a ‘hate figure’ back home

Nella and Fred appear to have made up in yesterday’s basketball task after she said she would not go near him again after he said he was old enough to be her father

Former BBC Dragons’ Den star Duncan still believes she could be crowned Queen of the Jungle – despite some of the rows and her odds plunging with bookmakers.

He said: ‘At this stage anybody could win. We, the public, have short memories and she could pull it back’.

But last night as jockey Frankie Dettori and boxer Tony Bellew’s arrival meant that the group were split into two rival camps, Nella and Fred worked together to beat Hollyoaks legend Nick Pickard and JLS star Marvin Humes in a special head to head.

Nella was the first to volunteer for the challenge and she had no problem when Fred said he would go with her.

Realising what a big deal the moment was EastEnders Danielle Harold said in The Bush Telegraph: ‘Fred and Nella have both volunteered to go out for the challenge today… I reckon this will bond them even closer.’

They took part in a game called Slam Dunk’d which saw one team member trying to shoot hoops while the other took a seat over the ice tank.

For every hoop they scored they earn three points for their team but for everyone they missed their teammate was dunked and they’d lose a point.

The results of the task were given to both camps as they ate dinner. In main camp, headed up by coach Frankie it was revealed that Nella and Fred has been victorious.

Danielle celebrated: ‘You crushed it!’

Fred said of the other team: ‘They must be gutted!’

Nella Rose, 26, gave an angry response when star Fred Sirieix, 51, said he could ‘be her father’

Nella also accused Nigel Farage of wanting people like her ‘gone’ from the UK

Mr Bannatyne, pictured with Tony Hadley on the show in 2015, said that Nella could still turn it around and win, saying it is an open field

Earlier on in the show all the campmates had taken part in ‘Locker Shocker’ which determined which camps they would be in.

The five winners Jamie Lynn, Sam, Danielle, Nella and Fred all headed back to main camp while the losers Nick, Marvin, Josie, Nigel and Grace were sent to Snake Rock.

Frankie and Tony then fought it out in another challenge to see who would coach what team. Frankie won and headed to main camp with the rest of the winners.

Nella appears to have ended her bitter feud with Fred after the pair joined forces in a competitive head to head against their rival camp – and won.

She has been at the centre of an angry backlash from viewers following her outburst at Fred earlier in the week.

And had vowed to never talk to him for the remainder of her time on the show after he innocently said that he was old enough to be her father.

Nella took offence and told Fred exactly how she was felt about the comment because her own father is dead.

Nella Rose has accused Nigel Farage of wanting people like her ‘gone’ from the UK as she spoke to him about remarks he has made about reducing immigration numbers on the latest I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

On Wednesday’s episode of the ITV1 reality show, YouTuber Rose said to Farage ‘apparently you’re anti-immigrants’, which she said she read about on the internet.

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