DRAMATIC fresh footage has shown the moment a woman flew into a rage on a flight and lashed out at her husband with a laptop for “looking at other women”.

The raging passenger, who has now been named by police as Tiffany McLemore, can be seen lifting the laptop over her head before bringing it down on her partner on board the packed flight from Miami to Los Angeles.

The new footage shows the couple arguing in their seats from a new angle as airline staff try to remove them.

It then clearly shows the pair jump into the aisle before the woman hits her partner with the laptop also hurting a flight attendant as she tries to get out of the way.

The couple are thought to be married and originally from Quito, Ecuador after being stopped in Miami, according to a Spanish-language news site, El Diario

According to police the incident, which took place on Sunday before the plane took off from Miami Airport, started after McLemore became "enraged" because he was "ignoring her".

However in videos taken by passengers on the flight, she can be heard accusing him of looking at other women.

The Miami Herald reported that the woman was not arrested and there was a delay from the time of the incident taking place to when police were notified and dispatched.

They conducted a search for McLemore but were unable to find her.

Her husband, refered to as 'Memo' throughout the video, later spoke to authorities and told them the pair were en route from Ecuador back home to LA at the time.

He told them he did not want to press charges and went on to take a later flight.

The flight attendants involved were also treated for bumps to the head.

A Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman told the Miami Herald.“If there’s no statement, we are not able to move forward with the case."


Another video, which appeared on YouTube on Tuesday, also shows the couple arguing while still seated.

Two air stewardesses are stood by them apparently attempting to calm the situation but having little success.

The female flyer can be heard ranting telling the man next to her that she “wears the f***ing nuts, n****r.”

She continues telling him: “You want to try to f***ing look at other women, n****r? Nah, f*** you!”

When one of the stewardesses asks her to refrain from swearing as there is a child on the plane she retorts: “Yeah, I know, I f***ing consulted the f***ing child.”

She went on: “Look, I’m not gonna say nothing if you don’t say nothing and try to cause a commotion, cause he’s the f***ing problem.”

She then hits her husband and he gets up to move seats telling her, “You’re assaulting me man,” to which she replies, “Oh, I’m assaulting you?”

As he moves down the aisle she leaps to her feet and cracks him on the back of the head with a laptop – causing passengers to scream in terror – and then starts pounding him with her fists.

As the woman is being booted off the plane, she doubles back to get her purse at which point the pilot informs her that she is going to be charged with assault.

Apparently unruffled by this revelation she replies, “Fine, whatever.”

American Airlines told The Sun Online: “Prior to departure from the gate on Sunday at Miami International Airport, two passengers who were travelling together were involved in a dispute.

"Law enforcement was requested, and both passengers were removed from the aircraft.

“We thank the American crew who worked quickly to diffuse the situation. Their actions resulted in a safe environment for all of our passengers.
“Please contact the Miami-Dade Police Department for any further details on their investigation.”


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