DONALD Trump Jr. was spotted on a fishing trip with some friends and a baby, and they weren't wearing masks.

Don Jr. and a group of friends went on a spearfishing trip in the Hamptons on Sunday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all people older than the age of two wear cloth face-covering in public settings when near people outside of their household.

Yesterday was an epic day on and under the water with @pillzzy @donaldjtrumpjr @thingfishmtk . We saw hundreds of bass in the 40-50 pound range and it took some time to find some in the slot limitof 28-35 inches.This fish was a small miracle.After messing up on a bunch of shots, I finally got this one on the spear.While I was prematurely celebrating my catch #amateurhour , the bass somehow slipped off the spear. When Don heard it came off, he immediately dove down 30 feet and found the wounded bass and speared it again and brought it back up for me. #friendswhohaveyourback #spearfishing #stripedbass #MSFGA #blockIsland #Montauk #BestTimeEver

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This recommendation is emphasized when people are unable to follow social distancing guidelines.

Masks and other face coverings help prevent those with COVID-19 from spreading it to others, likely reducing the spread of COVID-19 as a whole.

Incredible day on the water with my boys @thingfishmtk, @anthony__testa, @pillzzy and @davidseder spearfishing and free diving. We saw the monsters but happy to stay within the new slot limits for some dinner and let the big boys and girls make more stripers. Once we tagged out it was awesome to just free dive down and swim with the 49 and 50 pounders. Finally got to break in my @nitrogunco Trump gun the right way, thanks Nick. #spearo #spearfishing #freediving

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As of Monday, the CDC reported just over 41,000 new cases in the United States, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. to over 2.5million.


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