DOCTORS have saved 500,000 hours of manpower with new tech and  by slashing red tape.

NHS staff at 2,700 surgeries used digital appointments and recorded notes on  speech-to-text software.

Hospitals will now adopt the time-saving programme  as part of the NHS People Plan to be published later this week.

The efficient drive allowed receptionists to direct patients to pharmacies rather than an appointment with a doctor.

Digital appointment systems and speech-to-text software also allowed doctors to cut the number of letters sent out. Missed GP appointments were cut by text reminders and more accessible booking systems.

The GP programme has seen 330,096 annual hours of admin time saved, and 205,157 of clinical, in just one year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:  “We all know NHS staff who bemoan the amount of time they spend filling in forms and want to spend more time with patients. If we are to realise the enormous potential of the NHS Long Term plan it’s vital we make every minute of clinical time count.

“We owe it to patients and staff to free up time from unnecessary or outdated admin.

“We’re rolling out the most innovative approaches to staff nationwide to help our dedicated clinicians give patients the excellent care they strive for.”


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