‘Cannibal killer’ stabbed ‘ex-girlfriend to death then sawed her open to eat her brain, heart and lung’ while on parole for shooting dead different lover

  • Joseph Oberhansley, 38, is accused of stabbing Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, to death
  • After stabbing her to death he allegedly ‘cooked a section of her brain and ate it’
  • He is also reported to have eaten parts of her heart and lung
  • Oberhansley now claims he is innocent and that the allegations are ‘bull cr*p’

A man accused of devouring his ex-girlfriend’s brain, heart, and lung after opening her skull with a saw has called the case against him bull cr*p.

Joseph Oberhansley, 38, is accused of stabbing Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, to death at her home in Jeffersonville, Indiana, after he broke in.

The so called ‘cannibal killer’ had previously admitted to the crimes including  ‘cooking a section of her brain and eating it’ after his arrest in Jeffersonville, Indiana, said Police.

However Oberhansley has since called the  allegations against him ‘all bull cr*p lies’ and insists he is innocent.

Joseph Oberhansley, 37, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and eating some of her internal organs

He reportedly used an electric jigsaw to open Miss Blanton’s skull and scoff parts of her brain.

He also allegedly ate part of the 46-year-old’s heart and a lung.  

Tammy Jo’s allegations he had raped her the weekend before her murder were ‘bull-crap lies,’ he said. 

In a 10-minute rant at a pre-trial hearing at Clark County Court, Oberhansley claimed ex-girlfriend Miss Blanton was ‘getting high and drunk and texting a bunch of bull crap.’ 

Oberhansley also told the judge that he had uncovered new evidence that pointed to his innocence.

He suggested detectives had missed the murder weapon as it could not have been the ‘cheap little knife’ investigators found.

Oberhansley ignored his frustrated lawyers who warned him to keep quiet.

Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, was stabbed to death at her home in Jeffersonville, Indiana, after Oberhansley allegedly broke in

The judge cautioned him to save his comments for his trial.

But then Oberhansley brazenly tried to hold a news conference on his way-out of court before sheriff’s deputies led him away.

Oberhansley was found mentally not competent in October 2017 to be tried.

But a judge decided last November he was fit after a doctor found his competency had been restored at a psychiatric hospital.

Tammy Jo was found with parts of her skull removed under a vinyl camping tent draped over her bath in September 2014.

Cops also found a ‘plate with what appeared to be skull bone and blood’ on it.

A skillet, a pair of tongs with blood on the handles and tissue were in the rubbish bin.

An autopsy revealed she died from multiple stab wounds and parts of her heart, lungs and brain were missing.

At the time of the murder, Oberhansley was free on parole for fatally gunning down his girlfriend Sabrina Elder, 17, in a drug-fuelled jealous rage in 1998.

He also shot his mum in the back and fired at his sister before tucking the weapon under his chin and pulling the trigger to give himself a ‘partial lobotomy.’

Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said after Oberhansley’s courtroom rant: ‘Well I’m certainly taking notes of everything that he’s saying.

‘And if there is evidence that is contrary to the things he’s presented now, presented at trial, I’ll certainly have these things to refer to.’

Oberhansley’s trial is due to start on August 19.

‘He’s not going to be allowed to disrupt the trial,’ Mr. Mull told news channel WAVE 3.

‘He’s been given some latitude during the hearings. But once the trial starts, I’m confident this judge is going to cause the trial to go on without any interruptions.’

Oberhansley faces life in jail without parole if convicted.


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