Australian Border Force officers in Sydney intercepted some snow globes this week definitely not meant for kids.

The 15 snow globes, which arrived Down Under from Canada, were filled with a total of nearly two gallons of liquid meth — $1 million worth, according to a statement put out by the ABF.

The discovery of the drug-filled globes was referred to the Australian Federal Police, who are conducting an investigation, the statement said.

In a video shared by the ABF, an officer opens a cardboard box that has several of the snow globes wrapped in bubble wrap. The glass domes feature animal figurines, like llamas and sloths, and gold glitter.

“Our officers work tirelessly to prevent these harmful drugs from making it into Australian communities, and I’m proud of the results they continue to achieve,” said ABF Regional Commander NSW Danielle Yannopoulos in the statement on Tuesday.

“The ABF has invested heavily in our technological capability in recent years and we can see further into every package than ever before,” Yannopoulos continued. “Our officers continue to prove, time and time again, that criminals who attempt to hide these substances in new and imaginative ways are wasting their time.”

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Yannopoulos concluded with a warning to anyone who might try to attempt a similar heist: “It doesn’t matter how clever you think your concealment is – we can find it.”

Meth is often transported in liquid form, by being dissolved into water, according to the University of Arizona. The water can then be boiled away, revealing the solid form again. According to photos from the university, liquid meth is gold-ish in color, similar to the liquid in the snow globe.

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