GRANGE Hill has remained the BBC's most beloved children's series of all time.

Set at a comprehensive school in a fictional north London suburb, Grange Hill was one of the longest running shows in British television history.

But after 30 years on air, the Beebs decided to pull the plug on Grange Hill saying the show 'had run its course'.

The hit drama covered major issues from drug use, teen pregnancy, HIV, knife crime, mental health and sexual assault.

The show's characters have become some of the most recognisable faces on TV, but 40 years on from its premiere we lift the lid on where the cast now.

From acting success, to jail time and untimely death, here's what has happened to the Grange Hill stars.

Lee MacDonald – Samual 'Zammo' McGuire

The class clown was at the centre of one of the most talked about storylines on Grange Hill when he picked up a dangerous heroin addiction in the mid-80s.

Lee tried his hand at professional boxing after leaving the show, but a car accident in the early 90s left him unable to return to the ring.

He had been running a locksmiths and key-cutting business since retiring from telly, but in 2019 he made a surprise comeback 32 years after playing Zammo by joining EastEnders.

Last year, he got engaged to his long-term partner, Jess.

John Alford – Robert 'Robbie' Wright

John played Robbie Wright in Grange Hill from 1985 to 1990 and after that he went on to star in London's Burning.

But in 2019 he was handed a community order after resisting arrest in an incident involving a bin lorry.

The former actor and singer was arrested for "hijacking" the vehicle while it did its morning rounds near his North London home in September 2018.

Judge Gillian Allison ordered Alford to complete a 25-day rehabilitative activity and pay £400 compensation.

Alford was also ordered to serve a 14-day curfew on an electronic tag between 8pm and 6am.

Simone Hyams – Caroline 'Calley' Donnington

Simone appeared in the first episode of Grange Hill and played the role of Calley in Grange Hill.

She then went on to star in The Bill before shifting careers to become a corporate events manager for Virgin.

Erkan Mustafa – Roland 'Roly' Browning

Erkan played the much maligned Roly for six years and his performance would go on to make Roly one of the show's most inspiring characters.

Fans loved how despite horrific bullying, the polyglot always stood up for himself.

After Grange Hill he starred in Lenny Henry's 90s sitcom Chef! and Black Adder and also made appearances on Soccer AM and Celebrity Juice.

He continues to be an actor.

Susan Tully – Suzanne Ross

Susan went on to star in Eastenders as Michelle Fowler after playing Suzanne for three years.

She has since applied her talents behind the camera as a successful television director of shows including, Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, Larkrise to Candleford and Getting On.

Sean Maguire – Terence 'Tegs'

He played Tegs Ratcliffe in Grange Hill then footballer Aidan Brosnan in EastEnders and also had a briefly successful music career.

After 20 years acting in US TV shows, including The 100, Once Upon A Time and CSI:NY, Sean has become an American citizen.

Sean married police officer Tanya Flynn in 2013 and they have two sons.

George Christopher – Eric 'Ziggy' Greaves

George played Liverpudlian Ziggy for three years before going on to star on Brookside.

He remains an actor working in theatre and starred in a TV film about John Lennon.

Todd Carty – Peter 'Tucker' Jenkins

Todd was just 14 when he joined Grange Hill and went on to be one of the show's most famous faces.

He was so popular as the lovable rogue Tucker that he got his own series, Tucker’s Luck, for three years.

He then played Mark Fowler in EastEnders until 2003 before joining The Bill as evil Gabriel.

Todd also famously appeared on Dancing On Ice in 2009.

In 2018 he starred in movie Birches.

Paula-Ann Bland – Claire Scott

One of the show’s iconic characters, Claire was a child of overprotective parents.

Paula, who played her, later landed a record deal for a cover version of The Locomotion.

She also moved to Los Angeles for a time before returning to London to set up a publicity firm.

Gwyneth Powell – Bridget McClusky

One of the show’s most famous faces, Gwyneth was super-permed headteacher Mrs McClusky during her reign from 1981 to 1991.

She has since featured in Heartbeat, A Touch Of Frost, Casualty and Holby City, and from 2013-2018 starred as Mum in Channel 4 sitcom Man Down.

She lives in Sussex with her actor husband Alan Leith.

Michelle Herbert – Trisha Yates

After playing bad-girl, make-up loving Trisha Yates for five years, cast member Michelle gave up acting to work for a major sweet manufacturer.

She then later joined her husband in their family glazing business. In 2015 she underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Terry Sue-Patt – Benny Green

Terry played Tucker Jenkins’ footie-loving pal Benny and was the first child through the school gates back in February, 1978.

Sadly the actor was found dead in his London flat in 2015, aged 50.

Police fear his body may have lain there for a month before it was found.

John Homes – Luke 'Gonch' Gardener

Gonch was Grange Hill's never tiring hustler who was always looking for get rich schemes.

He did everything from running a toast bar, a dating agency, a homework service and a PE kit lending scheme all in the name of making money.

John left acting after leaving Grange Hill and now manages a casino.

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