Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Virgin River fans were dropped an almighty cliffhanger at the end of season three; Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) was pregnant. But, there is huge confusion as to who the father of her child is – Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) or her deceased husband Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies). According to Executive Producer Sue Tenney, fans will find out the truth in the next season. 

In a shocking turn of events, Jack dumped Mel after she mentioned the possibility of them having a baby together. 

With two babies on the way with Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley), Jack said he was unable to support that family and his and Mel’s should they start one. 

Mel was deeply hurt by this news after coming to the realisation she wanted to be a mother and wanted Jack to be the father. 

When Mel visited her sister, she dropped by her old doctor’s office and discussed the frozen embryos she and her husband had created together before he died. 

And it was suggested – although not confirmed – that she had one of the embryos implanted. 

When she returned to Virgin River, Jack backtracked on his former decision, having realised he wanted Mel and the possibility of their children. 

Netflix users saw him buy a ring and plan a romantic date to propose, but just before he got down on one knee, Mel blurted out she was pregnant – and said she didn’t know if he was the father. 

Executive Producer Sue said fans will find out what happens next – but it won’t be until another 10 episodes do they find out the paternity of the baby. 

“That’s something that we won’t answer until we get to the end of – if we get – a season four,” she explained. 

Alexandra also spoke out about Mel becoming a mother and it is something she would “love to see”. 

She knows who the father of her character’s baby is but didn’t reveal it. 

“With her history, her fertility issues and having a stillborn baby at such a late stage in pregnancy, you don’t know if she’s going to be able to. 

“In the books, she does, but a lot of things are different in the series than in the books. 

“But I would like to watch her journey of becoming a mother,” she told US. 

Another thing that will be discovered is who shot Jack. 

Fans didn’t really get any further apart from Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) being arrested for the shooting. 

Apparently, the mysterious gunman will be revealed in the next series. 

“I want to do as many seasons as we can,” Sue said. 

“If we get the actual reveal [in season 4 of who shot Jack], it would detail more of how this all was intertwined. 

“The webbing of that story goes all the way back to the first season, so it’s a connective tissue that goes through four seasons.”

Virgin River season one to three is available to watch on Netflix now. 

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