THIS Morning was left in chaos today after viewers failed to answer their phones for the show's daily Spin to Win segment.

The chaotic competition suffered an amusing blow when all potential winners ignored their telephones leaving hosts Holly Willoughby, 39, and Phillip Schofield, 58, in a tizzy.

Getting excited for the This Morning segment ahead, Holly swished her skirt while they called their first potential winner Stephanie.

However the call rang out and Phil blamed the good weather for causing the caller to miss their chance to win the cash.

"I wonder where Stephanie was?" he lamented. "Probably down the beach.
This is what happens when you call on a sunny day, everyone is out."

Despite appearing hopeful for their next contestant to answer, Holly and Phil soon realised that no one was going to pick up when some phones hilariously didn't even ring.

Making light of the situation, Phil admitted: "People delight now in saying they watch it because it goes wrong in so many ways every day."

Holly remained hopeful that someone would answer and begged: "You better pick up, you really better pick up.

"Your phone is ringing, you better pick up.

"We have a potential three grand to giveaway, why have you gone out?".

As they got to their last caller, Holly asked Phil what should they do if no one answered to which he replied that it would be a bumper rollover, meaning a caller could win double the cash prize.

"I suppose a roll over with Eamon and Ruth tomorrow," he said.

Hilariously Holly changed her tune and pleaded: "I would quite like it to rollover tomorrow… don't pick up."

Earlier this month, the hosts were left aghast when six people missed their shot at the cash prize.

At the time, Phil branded it "the worst telly ever" as the disastrous segment left Holly throwing a tantrum.

Two callers left the presenters in a tizz after they bungled their chance by picking up and saying "hello" instead of today's password – "food for thought".

However, as the phone continued to ring, the duo couldn't get a hold of anyone else.

The presenters didn't hide their desperation and Holly stomped her feet as Phil said he was "bored now".

Holly refused to give up hope and danced towards the camera in a bid to get viewers to call.

And Phil sarcastically said: "Lucky number seven?"

Finally Reece from Newcastle could be heard blurting out the password and the pair clapped.

Reesce didn't have a moment to answer because they ran out of time.

But he left the call happy after nabbing a grand by just answering the phone and then landing the wheel on another £500.

He even got a bag of things "money can't buy" automatically as they were running out of time.

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