The Wheel of Time season 2 official trailer

A contestant called Colin on the latest episode of The Wheel was left blown away after winning a £92,000 jackpot.

The celebrity experts were Clare Balding on dogs, Darren Harriott on gaming, Jay Blades on furniture, Josie Gibson on TV, Mollie King on 00s music, Richard Madeley on classic cars and Tom Allen on hats.

Colin appreciated the help of the stars throughout the episode and before he knew it, he was able to double his money.

Trees, dinosaurs or Tom Cruise were the final categories and Colin had Good Morning Britain presenter Richard on board to help him with the answer.

The arrow landed on dinosaurs and the £92,000 question was: According to the Natural History Museum, which of these dinosaurs would have been the heaviest?

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The options were, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Iguanodon or Tyrannosaurus and Colin opted for the long-necked saurpod Diplodocus following a brief discussion with Richard.

After a long pause, Michael was relieved to tell Colin he was correct, with the latter jumping out of his seat and running over to Richard for a hug after winning the jackpot.

He even did a lap of honours around the studio following his monumental win to high-five the other celebrities.

“You have no idea what that means,” a tearful Colin added. “It means security, comfort, some things like home improvement and things.

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“I didn’t think I was getting back up after the first question!”

BBC viewers were made up for Colin and rushed to social media to congratulate him on the epic win.

Emma tweeted: “£92,000 congratulations Colin!! Well deserved.”

Joseph added: “Congratulations Colin!!! £92k better off. What a win. #TheWheel.”

Katherine shared: “So happy for Colin #thewheel Absolutely love this show.”

Elliot remarked: “Could not be happier for Colin! A worthy winner. Bloody love #TheWheel. Good to have it back.”

Nicola added: “My fave game show! I shouted the house down lol well done Madeley lol.”

The Wheel continues next Saturday on BBC One at 8.35pm.

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