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Season ten of AMC’s zombie epic was unfortunately put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. As viewers wait for the return of the post-apocalyptic saga, some fans have returned to earlier episodes of The Walking Dead and noticed a glaring error with the series’ timeline.


The latest gripping season of the wildly successful zombie series is hoped to continue later this year.

Post-production work on episode 16, A Certain Doom, was left incomplete as the coronavirus lockdown was put in place across the States.

Thankfully, AMC assured fans most of the episode had been polished so the wait for the highly anticipated conclusion shouldn’t be too much longer.

In the meantime, fans old and new have been returning to earlier episodes of the show’s impressive ten year run on AMC to catch up before the finale.


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In season four, former protagonist Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and the Alexandrians face off against the brutal faction of survivors known as the Claimers.

Before Negan and the Whisperers joined the throng, the Claimers served as the primary antagonistic group in the acclaimed fourth season of TWD.

In the finale, simply titled A, the action is kicked off by a flashback scene to Rick’s stint as leader of the survivors housed in the West Georgia Correctional Facility

According to one observant fan, this flashback created a major continuity error with Rick’s adopted daughter, Judith.

Judith Grimes is now portrayed by Cailey Fleming in later instalments of the series, and has developed a close bond with new leader Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in the wake of Rick’s absence.

The fan took to online forums to highlight a major issue with baby Judith’s aging in season four.

They said: “In the flashback to the prison, Hershel says ‘we’ve been here two months.’

“However, when they show Judith she is shown to be the same age she was when the prison fell (around 9-10 months) If they had only been there two months, and Lori delivered within the first week of being there, the baby should not be very old.”

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There’s a major difference between a two-month-old baby and a ten-month older, so it appears the production team decided to use the same infant actor to portray Judith throughout the prison sequences in season four.

Thankfully, most fans were able to look past these continuity mistakes, but this oversight created a bizarre plot hole for viewers paying close attention.

If this error wasn’t bad enough, another fan spotted yet another mistake with baby Judith in the very same episode.

This time, the baby appeared to hop in and out of sleep thanks to a continuity error being missed in the editing room.


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A fan pointed out: “Right at the end of this episode when there is another flashback to the prison, the baby is seen many times.

“Judith is asleep, then the camera angle changes and she is awake, it moves back to another angle and she is sleeping again. This is repeated several times.”

Luckily, TWD is awarded a sizable budget for each episode so most instalments of the successful series avoid making embarrassing mistakes like this.

The Walking Dead season 10 is hoped to conclude in 2020 on AMC.

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