ONCE again, things got a bit heated between The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain during Tuesday’s broadcast.

The often-feuding coworkers fought about “clicktivism,” the Women’s March organizers and Whoopi’s attendance record.

It all started when the daughter of late senator John McCain slammed the AOC-inspired women’s empowerment photos social media users are sharing, as part of a “women supporting women” movement.

Meghan, 35, said she’s “extremely skeptical of clicktivism,” especially since she feels, as a republican, she’s not welcome in the crusade.

The pregnant View host said: “As a conservative woman, there’s always a level of skepticism because we are never invited into circles, traditionally.

“In the Women’s March, we were literally not invited to join and told to stay home if you’re pro-life.

“It ended up being that the leaders of the Women’s March had strong ties to Farrakhan and a lot of anti-Semitic, and in my opinion, extremely problematic and controversial views.”

The View moderator Whoopi, 64, jumped in at that point to dismiss the idea that all of those involved at the top had ties to Louis Farrakhan, saying that only “one of the women” did but “not both of them.”

That’s when the friendly discussion turned into a heated back-and-forth.

Meghan told her co-host to “watch the tape of me interviewing them on the show” before speaking on the matter, and Whoopi bit back: “Yeah, I was there!”

A clearly-angered Meghan fired back: “You were not there!”

In escalated levels of fury, the two exchanged multiple rounds of “I was there,” “No, you weren’t,” “I was there,” “No, you weren’t,” “Yes, I was, I sat right there!”

Tired of the attitude she was receiving, Whoopi, who's used to fighting with Meghan on the show, tried to end the argument and get the last word in by telling the 35-year-old: “I will get it for you so you can see what I’m talking about!”

Meghan just kept talking over her and telling her that it no longer mattered because “that’s not the point,” before explaining that her point was simply that she has a “problem with the Women’s March.”

She added: “Because again, conservative women, we just don’t have voices in places like this.”

It turned out, both hosts were partially correct on the topic of Whoopi’s whereabouts while Meghan was interviewing Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory on the show.

The moderator was not in attendance during her co-host’s first time chatting with Tamika about her ties to Louis Farrakhan in March 2018, but she was there when the woman returned to open up about the controversy in January 2019.

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