The Simpsons has done it again: the show accurately predicted the future, this time in relation to a big Game of Thrones Season 8 twist. This time, it’s done so with a 2017 episode that was a pretty clear send-up of HBO’s wildly popular show, which saw a major development in its penultimate episode.


In Episode 5, “The Bells,” Daenerys Targaryen did exactly what Varys worried would happen: She went Mad Queen, torching King’s Landing with her last remaining dragon, Drogon. Despite the battle for the Iron Throne being won, she opted to destroy the city and kill its innocent civilians much to the horror of Tyrion and Jon. It was a move that fans didn’t necessarily expect; there had been some occasional teases, but Dany was generally positioned as one of the show’s heroines.

As it turns out, you might have seen something like this before: Specifically, the 2017 Simpsons episode, Season 29’s “The Serfsons,” also showed a dragon destroying a city with its fire-breathing skills. The episode was a spoof of sorts of Game of Thrones, and it even featured the voice of Jaime Lannister actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones.

Dany’s turn was predicted by some fans, and there arguably was evidence pointing to this potential outcome in the show, but it nonetheless remains a surprising (and for some, frustrating) turn. Regardless, this is far from the first time The Simpsons has accurately predicted something. A Season 11 episode predicted Donald Trump would become president while a Season 10 episode stated that Disney would buy Fox. These seemingly strange things ended up happening in real life.

“The Bells” set a new ratings record for Game of Thrones with 18.4 million viewers. The episode was divisive, and for more, you can check out GameSpot’s review of Game of Thrones: “The Bells.”

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Game of Thrones’ finale is set to air this Sunday, May 19. We’ve gotten both a preview trailer and photos, although neither gives a whole lot away. Whatever happens, the following week will bring HBO’s two-hour Game of Thrones documentary, The Last Watch. A trailer for it was recently released in which Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, gets emotional.

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