STACEY Solomon was left too terrified to use the loo alone after she watched Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor.

The 31-year-old Loose Women panellist got the fright of her life after she got spooked watching the chilling series on her own.

The I'm a Celeb champion was so petrified by the ghostly show that she switched off the TV and made a sprint for her bedroom.

Stacey shared a hilarious clip of her running upstairs to turn on the second floor lights.

She wrote: "Had to sprint upstairs to get the second light on. Now I'm laying here pooping my pants."

She joked: "Well at least I don't feel rage anymore just fear. Full fear."

Earlier in the evening Stacey was excited to make a Halloween inspired garland.

The star used wool to create a set of handmade ghosts, she joked: "Really need to channel my rage before Joe gets home because I'm really getting snappy. So craft time it is."

The star showed off her finished garland by hanging it below her TV, she wrote: " It's supposed to be a ghost garland , a woolly pretty Halloween decoration, I'm laughing so much. The ghost garland actually looks like octopuses."

Stacey was left puzzled and terrified after one fan sent her a message saying that she should watch the horror Netflix show after they spotted her Halloween creation.

They wrote: "Oh god Stacey I'm freaking out. You obviously haven't watched The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix. You'd be chucking these straight out the window haha xx."

The mum-of-three was left frightened, she replied: "What in the hell is this message, what have I made. Are they going to attack me in the night? Have I made some sort of creepy voodoo doll?"

Stacey decided to see what all the fuss was about and sat down to watch the creepy series, writing: "Omg now watching it. On my own. What am I doing?"

The X Factor star was so panicked saying that she had "scared herself" by watching the hit series.

She leapt up from her sofa and pulled down the ghost garland saying: "It's doesn't look anything like the ones but I still can't have them."

The star was so freaked out that she even enlisted the help of her adorable dog Theo to follow her to the bathroom.

Yesterday, Stacey gave her fans more than they bargained for when she flashed her lacy red thong on Loose Women – but admitted skimpy knickers look better on Kim Kardashian.

The panellist was the "guinea pig" for the show as they discussed the return of the visible thong following Kim K's recent picture.

Stacey who appeared live from her sofa while sitting next to son Rex – pulled down her tracksuit bottoms to flash a strap.

She said: "I didn't even know I was coming to work today and now I have to get a thong on. This is – I don't know how they do it.

"How do they make it look cool? I mean, I would never wear a thong out of choice."

Pinching the skin on her hip she asked: "How do you get rid of that bit? Don't see that on Kim K, do ya?"

Looking over her shoulder, the bright red thong was on full display.

Stacey is keen on promoting body positivity on Instagram and said she is embracing the natural look after telling fans about her "hairy bush" earlier this month.

The mum-of-three said she "needs an electric trimmer" to trim her "bush", defiantly telling fans she's not bothered about body hair after a follower shamed her for having hairy arms.

But a cruel troll sent the Loose Women panellist a message criticising her for showing off arm fuzz.

The TV star replied by letting fans know she "loves" her hairy arms and joked that she "saves a fortune on thermals" because of the extra warmth her arm fuzz provides.

"I love my hairy arms," she said. "Truth be told, I save an absolute fortune on thermals in winter thanks to these bad boys. Hail the hair!"

In a separate post, she continued: "I can't stop laughing at my arm hairs. Honestly they'd have an absolute heart attack if they saw my bush, need an electric trimmer to get through those."

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