PHILLIP Schofield clashed with Lady Colin Campbell in an awkward interview about her tell-all book about Meghan and Harry.

Lady C is known for her books delving into the private lives of the royals and joined This Morning to discuss her newest one on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

However, the interview turned fiery as Phillip Schofield clashed with Lady C on a number of points.

The host asked if it was difficult that the book – Meghan and Harry: The Real Story – was "unverified" by the royals.

At one point, Lady C suggested she doesn't leak stories to the press, and Phillip labelled her a "gossip".

She says: "If you knew anything about their private life – which you don't, because I don't leak like a sieve. I'm not Harry, I'm not Meghan."

Phillip replied: "Well, hang on, but you are a gossip. You're a gossip."

Lady C said back: "Everybody's a gossip, gossip is history in the making. Or history that has already happened."

However, Phil wasn't letting it go, replying: "But only when it suits you."

Lady C added: "Not when it suits me, when it's the troops. If you have any respect for respect for the troops, you would be able to appreciate the people who actually stand up and are counted and are against the tide, understand the troops."

Phillip then said: "I think you'll find I've done that myself."

When Holly and Phil suggested she pay attention to the former royals' mental health, Lady C replied: "No, we cannot be mentally healthy if you don't have integrity or stand up for the truth."

At this point, Holly said she "didn't get" what Lady C said – much to their guest's exasperation.

When signing off the interview, Phillip ended with: "It's been fascinating, if a little patronising. Thank you for joining us today."

The author claims in the book Meghan orchestrated their move to the United States to launch her political career – with the idea to run for President.

Lady C is notorious in royal spheres for her book Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows.

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