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It looked as though Outlander favourite Murtagh (played by Duncan Lacroix) may finally get a chance of happiness as he was reunited with Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) at the end of season four. However it wasn’t to be as Murtagh was a wanted man for causing trouble with the Regulators, which eventually ended with the Battle of Alamance where he was killed.

Before he died however, he managed to see his love Jocasta once more on the night before her wedding to Duncan.

The tear-jerking moment saw the pair acknowledge they couldn’t be together no matter how much they wanted it.

However, a bonus scene, which took place before their conversation has been revealed

The moment, which will be added as a feature to the season five DVD release, shows actor Duncan and Colin McFarlane explaining their disdain for one another.

Duncan begins: “Today, we’re shooting a scene between Murtagh and Ulysses, the night before Jocasta is going to get married to Duncan Innes.

“He runs into Ulysses just before he is allowed to see Jocasta.”

Giving his opinion on Ulysses and Jocasta’s relationship, Colin adds: “There’s this huge loyalty that she inspires because of the special person she is.

“The difficulty for me is that I also have very strong feelings for Jocasta.”

The deleted scene is then shown revealing Murtagh and Ulysses going head to head, and it’s clear both men feel protective of Jocasta.

“I can see I’m very much unwanted here,” Murtagh remarks.

As Ulysses fails to reply, Murtagh holds out a pin for him to give to Jocasta before her wedding.

“Why I should give this to her?” Ulysses asks holding the pin up.

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Murtagh answers: “I’d rather give it to her myself then I could explain.”

“What satisfactory explanation could you possibly have for showing your face here the day before she’s due to marry Mr Innes?” Ulysses probes.

Murtagh hits back: “I’ll not be explaining myself to you or anyone else, except Mistress Cameron.”

The moment was shown as part of the first episode of Outlander End of Summer Special.

Also in the instalment, writer Diana Gabaldon hinted Claire Fraser (Caitrina Balfe) could be the first one to die.

Teasing details from her ninth book, she hinted at tragedy but added: “Somebody asked me a few weeks ago, ‘Can you say something in five words or less that will make people want to read book nine?’ and I said, ‘Yes, he’s still alive.’”

Executive producer Maril Davis asked: “But you didn’t say Claire survives,” to which Diana replied: “No I didn’t we’ll have to see.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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