GMB: Guest says 'get over yourself' complaining about heatwave

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Susanna Reid and Ed Balls hosted the ITV morning show as temperatures continued to soar on Tuesday morning. Businessman Marvyn Harrison advocated for employers to allow workers to work at home or make conditions in the workplace easier for them while adapting to the unprecedented heatwave. However, salon owner Helen fumed to members of the public they should “get over yourself” as she labelled the UK “a nation of snowflakes”.

“I think if it’s too hot we have to consider what adjustments we can make in or relative jobs,” argued Marvyn.

He continued: “Also, we get like seven days of heat in the UK for the whole year.

“And we’re going to like, push everybody into work on the hottest buses, on the hottest trains to navigate the city.

“And it’s just not going to be a really nice experience.

“If you’re a business leader, it’s a great opportunity to look at it and say, ‘How can I help my team in this amazing heatwave?’

“And if you have a chance to work in a place where you can go to the park for lunch or you can work from home, you should let them!”

Detailing the heat in a salon but admitting her workplace has air conditioning, Helen said those without air conditioning should “get over” themselves.

“It’s the UK, it’s July, what do you expect?” she asked as Ed and Marvyn answered: “Rain.”

She went on: “Have we turned into a nation of snowflakes?”

Helen argued: “Look, we can’t work from home and there are lots and lots of trades out there that cannot even have the choice to work from home.

“In the train strike there was all that talk about work from home, well, lots of us can’t!

“If you’re a chef, today’s going to be unbearable, isn’t it?”

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