My Mum, Your Dad star Caroline has spilled the beans on all the behind the scenes gossip of the hit ITV dating show – including the unique sleeping arrangement enjoyed by the cast.

Sitting down with Big Brother star Simon Gross on his Instagram channel – Caroline was quizzed on everything from her feelings for fellow contestant Clayton, through to her thoughts on Martin M’s love triangle.

However one interesting revelation that emerged from the interview was the sleeping arrangement enjoyed by the participants, with both the men and women separated into their own distinctive bedrooms.

“It was a ten bedroomed house," began Caroline. "So initially when I went in, I had a bedroom on my own and it was massive! I mean it was huge, right, and I thought ‘god, how lucky am I to get a big bedroom this size?’ But then the next night Janey came in my bedroom. "

“So that was great, I had a wee room buddy – that was brilliant. And then when Tallulah came in, she came in mine and Janey’s bedroom as well – so there were three bedrooms all put in there.”

Caroline then continued: “So the boys, Paul and Elliot ended up sharing a room as well, initially they had their own bedrooms to begin with, but then they ended up sharing as more people came in. Clayton and Roger, they had rooms of their own as well.”

With the sleeping arrangement laid out, host Simon then asked Caroline if there was any chance of sharing a bed with someone they were interested in, as has been the case on other dating shows in the past, including ITV2 series Love Island.

With a laugh, Caroline then revealed that the show had a strict gender segregation policy in place which meant there was no chance to sleep together.

She then added: “It was definitely not like Love Island, there was no bed hopping!”

While discussing her love interests on the show, Caroline also explained how she hadn’t found romance, but had forged a lasting friendship with Clayton, someone she continues to FaceTime every single day even now.

Caroline told Simon: “I had a third date with Clayton and we had an absolute ball and that date was actually a catalyst for a really great friendship. Clayton and I FaceTime literally every day.”

“We got on so well. There’s nothing romantic, between me and Clayton but Clayton’s more my type, than I’m Clayton’s type.”

After singing Clayton’s praises for sharing a similar temperament and attitude to herself, Caroline also went on to address Martin M’s behaviour on the retreat, as she insisted he wasn’t quite as bad as the cameras and editing had portrayed him.

“I think he’s had a bit of a raw deal. I found it very difficult to dislike that man! He’s funny, he’s charismatic. I genuinely think he liked both ladies, he genuinely liked Tallulah and he genuinely liked Monique,” explained Caroline.

“I think he did find it difficult to choose, but I do think he did play the game a bit. He was giving them the same chat when he should’ve just been a wee bit more blunt with them.”

“But he owned it! He’s done an interview and owned his behaviour so y’know…that’s good.”

She did however concede he was “cocky” as he had come in with a very self-assured attitude that many of the other participants may have found it difficult to match.

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