Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime trailer from Netflix

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Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime is a new documentary series on Netflix and it has caught the attention of true-crime fans. The series is named after a wife who murdered her husband after she discovered he was being unfaithful. Viewers are keen to find out more about Marcus Matsunaga and Express.co.uk has all you need to know.

Who was Marcos Matsunaga?

The docuseries arrived on Netflix on July 8 and the four-parter features interviews with Elize Matsunaga herself.

Whilst on furlough from prison, she took part in the Once Upon A Crime series to give her side of the story.

In each episode, she recalls a different time period in her life, from childhood to the night she killed her husband, Marcos.

Marcos, 42, a millionaire businessman, went missing from the family home in May 2012.

The following week, his dismembered body was found in Cotia, Brazil – not far from their home in São Paulo.

Elize then confessed to killing her husband, a Japanese businessman, after she believed he was having an affair.

Marcos was heir to a food company called Yoki, and he met Elize through a website for escorts.

He had been married to someone else when he met Elize and divorced his first wife to be with her.

The couple had a difficult marriage and Elize was prepared to divorce her husband, but she found out she was pregnant.

Following her daughter’s birth, their relationship took an even worse turn due to Marcos’ unfaithfulness.

Their daughter was just a year old when Elize killed her husband, following an argument about custody of their child.

Elize is still serving a life sentence, which she was given following her confession in December 2016.

She had shot her husband before dismembering his body and carrying it in a plastic bag to a nearby road.

Elize and Marcos had been dating for three years before they got married, and Marcos had already been married once before.

Not long after they were married, Elize fell pregnant and she considered leaving the relationship whilst she was carrying her baby.

However, her husband’s infidelity pushed her over the edge and she killed him. She had decided to stay with Marcos for her own daughter’s safety.

Elize’s interview with Once Upon A Crime marks the first time she has spoken publicly about her story.

In the trailer, she says: “Marcos was really affectionate and I truly enjoyed being by his side.

“I still can’t tell what kind of emotion made me pull that trigger.”

At first, Elize reported her husband missing but later admitted she was behind his death.

Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime is on Netflix now.

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