Married At First Sight UK star Shona Manderson has revealed she's found love after her rocky relationship with model Brad Skelly on the E4 reality show.

Shona, 31, was paired with Brad, 27, and while their romance looked promising at the start, it soon turned sour and the couple were eventually asked to leave the experiment as their relationship was "too unhealthy".

After scenes aired showing her and Brad leaving the show, Shona took to Instagram to share a lengthy message to her fans and revealed she's now dating "the kindest soul" before taking a brutal dig at her ex Brad.

"I filled myself up with self love and when I was ready fate kicked in and I met the kindest soul who loves me just the way I am and it’s what I deserve," the 31 year old happily told fans. Shona has so far kept her new beau's identity under wraps.

Elsewhere in her message, she opened up about MAFS and didn't hold back when it came to Brad and his actions.

She wrote: "I applied for MAFS for love but unfortunately the person I was matched with was there to promote himself as a meditation guide, he love bombed me and ultimately I was sent home for his horrible behaviour."

Shona continued: "The experiment wasn’t to blame he was the same person on the outside and when we finally went our separate ways he told me he never loved me, it was just a TV show, it was lust and he never had any emotional attachment to me whatsoever.

"That’s when I finally woke the hell up. It made me look within and question why I put up with this behaviour, why being loved was so important to me and finally why did I lose myself so much in that relationship. I realised deep down I needed to love myself more."

Brad has also moved on following his MAFS stint, having recently gone public with new girlfriend Hollie Baldwin. He shared a loved-up snap of the pair together as he unveiled his new romance on Instagram.

Brad has also defended himself against backlash he's received following his MAFS appearance and has released a three minute YouTube video, titled "my explanation", in which he discussed his actions on the show.

Brad said: "I am experiencing some heavy flows of hatred and malice from people who have evidently built up a very very strong opinion of me. Please open up to the fact that you are all judging me based on some very very short snippets from hours and hours of filming, dramatised for the highest form of entertainment."

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