Law and Order: NBC teases SVU crossover

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Law and Order SVU is fast approaching the release of its record-breaking 23rd season. The show has continued to be one of NBC’s most successful series, with countless stars coming and going from the show since it first aired in 1999. But why did Peter Stone (played by Philip Winchester) decide to leave the crime procedural?

Why did Phillip Winchester leave as ADA Peter Stone?

Ahead of the release of season 21 of Law and Order: SVU, Peter Stone star Philip Winchester made the announcement that he was leaving the series.

After having first starred in the show in the previous season, the news surprised fans with the abrupt exit.

First appearing in the season 19 premiere, titled The Undiscovered Country, Stone made a lasting impression on viewers.

He was a former Assistant State’s Attorney in Chicago and now the former Assistant District Attorney for the Special Victims Unit.

During the 19th season, Stone is involved in a particularly challenging case, one of which leads him to his exit from the SVU team.

During the Rob Miller (Titus Welliver) case, Stone collaborated with Nikki Staines (Callie Thorne) to get Miller convicted for the murder of Lindsay Parker based purely on circumstantial evidence.

The case tested Stone’s morals, despite knowing his actions were for the greater good.

Ultimately, Stone decided he didn’t want a repeat of anything similar to it and distanced himself from it, leading to his decision to leave SVU.

As for star Winchester, he never explicitly explained why he was leaving the series, though he did share a post on Twitter for his fans.

In March 2020, Winchester wrote on Twitter: “I want to congratulate the cast and crew of @nbcsvu for making history today. Also to thank everyone for two great seasons.

“Sadly for me, Peter stone and his ‘the facts don’t care about you’re feelings’ attitude will not be returning. A huge tip of the hat to my amazing fans and not so big of fans.” (sic)

It is believed Winchester’s exit was not his choice and was simply written out for creative choices involving the storyline.

Neither NBC nor creator and showrunner Dick Wolf commented on Winchester’s departure.

As Stone was not killed off during season 20, there is always the opportunity for the character to make a comeback.

Since leaving Law and Order, Winchester has starred in the films Rogue and Endangered Species.

His upcoming projects include Leopard Skin and A Week in Paradise.

Fans have already been sharing their excitement for Law and Order: SVU’s return, with many of them posting on Twitter their thoughts.

One fan said: “I need law and order: SVU and Organized Crime back! Is it September yet?”

Another added: “Watching Law and Order: SVU for the 20th time with no regrets!”

A third commented: “Why didn’t I started watching Law and Order: SVU sooner. I’ve been missing out!” (sic)

Law and Order SVU season 23 will premiere on September 23 on NBC in the USA. The UK release date is unconfirmed.

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