DUGGAR fans have criticized Jill Dillard for claiming she can't buy her sons an Easy Bake Oven.

In a series of Instagram videos, Jill was joined by her cousin Amy King at a local Springdale, Arkansas thrift store.

The pair saw the ovens available and joked "this is two boy moms who can't do this but… easy bakes!"

They then reminsced over their memories of having the ovens, calling it the "coolest thing ever."

But even though fans were not impressed with their outdated ideas of gender norms, others recalled that Jill's husband Derick once tagged a "photo of Jill cooking as #womanswork."

"I hope that someday he makes progress," another fan added of Derick, "it’s unfair and unkind to not contribute."

Others however hoped that Jill will one day change her mind, with one writing: "A husband who can cook is worth his weight in gold, imo!"

Another added: "Didn’t Easy Bake Ovens change their design to look more gender neutral……so boys and their parents are more inclined to buy it?

"Also, most world known chefs are men."

Jill went shopping for a deal with her son, Sam, and cousin Amy at a crowded thrift store near their hometown on Monday. 

The 29-year-old Counting On star wore a face mask as she went on a bargain hunting trip to Potter's House Thrift.

The mom-of-two said it was the second week her oldest son, Israel, 5, was in school, leaving just her and three-year-old Sam for the daytime activity. 

Jill started in the boy’s section of the store as she admitted her eldest was “quickly outgrowing” all of his clothes.

Jill took her followers on a tour of the store and shared with fans different stories about growing up in her famous family as she filled up her basket. 

The Arkansas native picked up several books as well as a handful of other items. 

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