JESY Nelson revealed her stunning Halloween makeover as the Little Mix star turned into a succubus.

The singer, 29, dazzled fans as she fully committed to the spookiest time of the year with her costume.

Sharing the costume on Instagram, Jesy is covered completely in red paint, with some glitter on her arms and chest.

Her hair is styled with a fringe and out the back of her head are huge demonic horns.

Lips painted blue and nails painted red, she looked seductively to the side in the fist pic.

Then in the next the Little Mix star stares directly to the camera, revealing the orange contact lenses underneath.

She also wore a tight plunging outfit too, completely her succubus look.

The star captioned the pics: "Happy Halloween 😈 makeup @heidinorthmakeup hair @chrissouthernldn"

A succubus is a demon that appears in the dream of men to seduce them – and suck out their life force.

Jesy absolutely stunned her fans with the sexy look, with one person saying: "THIS IS A MASTERPIECE🖤"

Another added "woahhh jesy okay😍"

A third remarked: "I have no words omg😍"

Back in August, Jesy admitted that she had gained a stone since she filmed the group’s Holiday music video.

The singer posted a behind-the-scenes steal from the video and joked that she had been “living her best life.”

She wrote: "I currently look nothing like this atm just so you all know.

"I’m a stone heavier since making this video from eating whatever the f**k I’ve wanted and living my best life but for any of you struggling mentally with how you feel about yourselves right now, just know I’m there with ya with my podgy belly and chubby cheeks ☺”

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